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>Comrades, Friends
>This is just for your information NOT for publication.
>De Telegraaf 20.20.96
>Page 1
>By martin Koolhoven,
>The Hagua, Thursday,
>The fugitive leader of the extreem left terrororganisation Dev Sol,
>Dursun Karatas, appears to be living together on a regularly base with
>a young woman from Limburg.
>Terrorist leader Dursun Karatas, held responsible for severel
>bombattacks against Turksig Targets in Europe, recently felled madly
>in love with a young lady with a southern accent.
>It is not know if the young lady is aware of the thrue identity of her
>Turkish boy-friend
>Several police-units have been ordered to look for the Turkish
>More at Page 6
>Page 6
>The National Security Service (BVD) already has called alarm several
>times because of the intensified activities from the Turkish
>Terrororganisation Dev Sol in the Netherlands in our country.
>A spokesperson of the Turkish Embasy aknowlegded the news about the
>the new Dutch girlfriend. According to him, Interpol has issued an
>international arrestwarrant against the terrorist.
>Karatas is on the run since september '94 after he was released on
>bail by the French authorities en thereupon ran.
>severel European inteligence services recently received detailed
>information about the dutch love-affair of the Turkish Dev Sol
>>From his "headquarter" at his Limburger  girlfriends place, the
>terrorist leader should have led the preperation of several terrorist
>actions in Europea and the extorsion of Turkish people, who live in
>the netherlands, to get money for the financing of the struggle
>against the Turkish authorities.
>The Netherlands is not an unknown country for Karatas. Police units of
>Rotterdam as well as The Hague, in the past have arrested several
>times members of the Turkish terrororganisation. Every time, during
>these arrest, large amounts of weapons were confiscated.
>In the beginning of 1994, vijf symatisisers of Dev Sol, were sentenced
>for the court in the Hague tot sentences from six months to vour
>years in connection with extorsion and threathning for the financial
>campaign of Dev Sol
>The European Imperialists are afraid of us. Therefore they use
>everything they can in their efforts to brainwash the European public
>The murderers: Demirel, Ciller, Erbakan, Yilmaz, Agar, Turkess, Menzir,
>those killing in Kizildere, Sivas, Dersim, Gazi, Buca, Umraniye,
>Sagmalicar, Dyarbakir, etc
>Those who benefit from the exploitation, the opression and the
>massacre of the peoples in Turkey say that Dursun Karatas and the
>DHKP/C are terrorists.
>To spread this message they use De Telegraaf.
>De Telegraaf is the biggest newspaper in the Netherlands. It is a
>fascist newspaper. They write only bullshit, the paper is a disgrace
>for "journalism".
>We invite all the Marxist Leninist forces to our revolution.
>It is obvious that the Imperialists are desperate. Our revolution is
>gaining strenght.

This sound familiar to the Peruvian revolutionaries.  Yes, it shows that
imperialism is getting desperate and is mounting slander campaigns against
the Turkish revolutionary leaders too.

The campaign in Peru - sponsored by the CIA and a group of FBI agents in
this list - carried out by the Fujimori regime and its National Intelligence
Service is also centered in trying to slur the communist credentials of the
Chairman of the Communist Party of Peru, taking advantage of the fact that
they have him in prison.  They too have engineered a plot to undermine the
revolution by portraying its leader as a capitulator and collaborator with
the pro-imperialist regime which oppresses the Peruvian people - and is the
same kind of fascist regime as that which oppresses the Turkish masses.

In the name of Committee Sol Peru, we extend our solidarity to the Turkish
revolutionaries and state with communist conviction that these plots will be
smashed.  That the reactionary slanders, some times in the case of the PCP,
these plots are quite eleborate, having the reactionaries even mounted an
apparatus of slander which dresses itself up as a "PCP organism" when in
fact they carry out propaganda geared to smear the person of the leader of
the PCP.

The Fujimori regime, together with a group of US intelligence operatives,
have even mounted a phoney "PCP-Web page".

In this list, the same miserable slanders, arising from the same quarters
which are today desperately promoting the idea that this imperialist slander
is not a 100% police fraud, are the same who slandered the Turkish martyrs
while they were giving their lives for the revolution.

Down with the slanderous campaigns against the revolutionary leaders of the
armed struggle in the oppressed countries.

Solidarity between the people of Peru and the people of Turkey!

Victory to the War of the masses against imperialism and the FASCIST REGIMES
of Peru and Turkey - and all over the world!

Adolfo Olaechea

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