Psychologizing exaggerations & limp humour

Hugh Rodwell m-14970 at
Fri Oct 11 16:47:29 MDT 1996

I wrote:

>> "Zany creeps", "arrogance", "tiny little groups", "privilege", "anoint
>> themselves", "sickness" -- you've got to hand it to Louis, he never shrinks
>> from using an anti-political psychologizing characterization when he might
>> have used a principled political one instead.

And Lunchtime Louis P thought of something to hiss back:

>But you have to understand, Hugh, most normal people view you as
>demented and a confirmation of my attack.

We could take a vote on the state of my mental health here on the list to
check out your allegation. Perhaps we could poll people on their attitudes
to Louis the Lunch's personal characteristics as well. But the whole thing
would be useless. It's a sign of political impotence to resort to the kind
of slurs he and his use all the time -- "police spies", "lunatics",
"professional disrupters" and the rest.

And I love the way he uses phrases like: "most normal people".

>You are certainly the most
>arrogant person I have ever run across.

Takes one to know one.

Note that our friend, comrade and leader of the Lima Soviet in 1963, Adolfo
A, is lost from Louis's view. This is simply because Lunchtime supports his
politics and method, and lets his rotten bloc determine his public
judgement of people's personal characteristics.

All these "personal" reflections by Louis are just politics in disguise.

To round off he produces some limp sexual "satire":

>The renegades from Marxism have circled the wagons and are preparing to defend
>themselves from an aroused proletariat. They search for weapons, but
>discover that the once-potent arrows they had at their disposal now hang
>limply like impotent penises. The Fourth International, on the other hand,
>has erect penises!!! Forward to victory!!!!"

The tongue seeks out the aching tooth...

A few months ago this kind of sexist drivel was claimed to be consensus on
the list, with Lunchtime Louis P and Doggy-bag Doug acted as if they were
running a kind of Bloomsbury drawing-room salon in New York.

The healthiest thing to happen to this list has been the weakening of this
Broad Left neo-Stalinist drawing-room consensus.



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