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>>Lou Godena mentioned:
>>>this and similar efforts sponsored by the likes of the Olin Foundation,  the
>>>William T Morris Foundation,  and--that old CIA standby--the "Open Society
>>>Institute",   Lenin's reputation as the foremost revolutionary of our
>>>century will continue to rest secure.
>>I don't know the WTM Foundation, but Olin is a very right-wing foundation,
>>while the Open Society Institute is a project of bigtime speculator George
>>Soros, who reportedly thinks himself a social democrat. If there's one
>>thing that can unite Soc Dems and the far right, it's a hatred of Lenin.
>There is nothing new to that - look how hatred for Chairman Gonzalo unites
the Palomino Brothers & Co (Manhattan property speculators and asylum
seeking brokers), Rodwell-Malecki-Ponce-Ruiz-Plant et al!
>Have noticed the latest "straining at the toilet" production from "Palomino
Bros"?  It is called: "Long Live Gonzalo Thought!  Down with Chairman Gonzalo!".
>A while back, all this opportunist trip was started by the Avakian Co of
"Revolution Developers and Promoters";  They came out with a brilliant idea:
>"Long Live Chairman Gonzalo, down with Gonzalo Thought"!  In fact, El
Diario International at that time (1993) wrote an article precisely about
this brilliant idea of the Fujimori "revolutionary left-wing advisers",  I
will transcribe it tomorrow.  Now they have come full circle in their
metaphysical meanderings.
>But the trick of separating the proletarian leaders from their ideas is an
old one.  Of course the firm of Palomino Bros have tried hard to veil their
blunt message in kilometers of "never mind the quality, feel the width
Groucho style marxism".  But that is exactly what they mean to say:
"Gonzalo Thought is fine, but Gonzalo is a traitor".  Their new "Poder
Obrero" buddies have more or less the same message:  "Gonzalo is a traitor,
and his thought is not as good as ours".
>BTW, do you know when Wall Street is going to start quoting share values
for the merged company of Palomino Bros and Rodwell, Fujimori, PO & Malecki
Frogs, Fleas and Cockroaches Circus Company.

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