Rotten Block between pro-PCPSL and pro-Castroites

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I've been asked to forward this.




Louis Project:

> Look, Johnny Be Good, I would love to see some interesting
> discussion of the situation in Peru, but all I've seen on this list is
> something that looks like this.
> Anti-PCP:
> ---------
> Jose Velasco-Gomez, a life-long member of the Trotskyist
> Revolutionary Workers League, and mayor of the village of Lago
> Negro, was rousted from his bed last April by members of the Shining
> Path, taken to the outskirts of town where dynamite sticks were placed
> in every orifice of his body and he was blown to kingdom come.
> (Apparently, they got the explosives from 2 of Malecki's confederates in
> Akron, men who go by the name of "Little Snake" and "Rocky".) We protest
> this gangster act and demand that the Shining Path break with the
> bourgeoisie and defend the theory of Permanent Revolution.
> Pro-PCP:
> --------
> LIES, IMPERIALIST LIES!!!!!. Velasco-Gomez was an agent of
> Fujimori fascism. He was a snitch and was seen in the same
> whorehouse that Peruvian Army Colonels frequented. Not only was he
> a snitch, he had terrible body odor. The forces of fascism worldwide,
> including NACLA, the Nation Magazine, the United Nations,
> Amnesty International, the Red Cross, Oxfam, the Freemasons and the
> Peruvian section of the Spartacist League, have been proven to be
> enemies of the Peruvian revolution. They think they can use this list to
> spread their CHARTREUSE VOMIT lies. I curse their eyes and pray that their

> great grandchildren suffer from a very painful case of herpes.

For Louis P. the death and life of thousands of activists in Peru is a
matter of joke.

He wants a political discussion on Peru. We wrote tens of messages
explaining what is happening. Poder Obrero also sent tens of messages.
We put a lot of information about the history of the workers movement, the
left, etc.

Some of the e-mails sent by J. Plant and Poder Obrero had to defend the
record of a very valiant militant (Roberto Chiara).

There was a very good discussion. The PCP-SL supporters are absolutely
incapable of having any serious discussions. The only language that they
often use (including between them, as you can see in the nasty exchanges
between the Quispe and the Olaechea factions) is to accuse each other to be
agent, counter-revolutionary snitch, etc.

It is Louis P. who doesn't like political discussions. His method is very
similar than to his friend Olaechea.

I don't want to receive every day 100 messages in which a big proportion of
it is a slander campaign make by Louis Project against Malecki. That's why I
am not in the list and I only receive all messages concerning discussions on
Peru and important issues from people which are in the list.

It is truth that the PCP-SL operates like a fanatical machine which can kill
or slander their opponents. Nevertheless, they are doing something.
Louis Project is only an intellectual which has his own incapacity to
discuss with Malecki. Some weeks ago I saw some messages in which Louis
attacked Malecki for being an agent and he promised to dedicate months in
investigations. Later he decided to withdraw his accusations and to accuse
him of being mad. Nevertheless he is always over-concentrated in that
private war. Even in a message concerning Peru he puts Malecki as a very
important person in the policies of that country. Louis Project is so obsessed
with Malecki that he doesn't realise that malecki doesn't speak Spanish or
any Peruvian language and that probably no more than 50 people heard of
him in the entire Peru.

Louis P. loves Olacehea because he loves slanders and he needs him to help
him in his nasty private war against Malecki. Olaechea is a person which his
only job is to slander everybody as a CIA-Fujimori agent. More than 10% of
Marxist-list had been already accused by him without any single proof. He
also accused nearly all the Peruvians that have access to the internet of
being agents. He said that the trotskyists are sending their messages from a
Peruvian Ministry of Information ... which doesn't exist! They accuse The
Nation (Doug's paper) as another vehicle of CIA-Fujimori propaganda and when
Doug ask for proofs they never reply. If you see the discussion between the
5 different factions that come from the PCP-SL all of them accuse each other
of being "counter-revolutionary snitches" and CIA-Fujimori agents or

Nobody cares if Malecki is the worst person in the planet or if he is or not
a genuine refugee. Bob Malecki is not a party or an organisation. He is only
one single person isolated in Sweden.

Louis has to discuss with the politics of Malecki and not with his person.

To Louis:

If you want good political discussion on Peru please read the stuff that
Ponce sent on the death of Jorge Villaran and in the discussion on the
history of Peru in the last decades. Please also read the stuff from Poder
Obrero. You are correct. From the PCP-SL supporters you can only read
accusations without any base.

We also have the right to demand you produce good discussions. Stop
your stupid personal war against Malecki which nobody cares about. Stop your
anti-trotskyist rotten block with the PCP-SL.

In Peru pro-Castro and pro-FSLN people like Louis Project are supporting the
state against the PCP-SL guerrillas and the PCP-SL kills them.

The trotskyists defend the PCP-SL against the state. We defend workers
democracy against the stalinist violence. We defend the life of fake-leftists
like Louis P. because we want to preserve the conditions for united front
actions and political discussion inside the workers movement. We think that
the best way to destroy reformism is through political actions and debate.
When the PCP-SL kill reformists they also transform them into heros, they
undermine workers democracy, they intimidate workers and they prepare
killings of good militants and even PCP-SL supporters who have differences
with the main apparatus.

Louis P and the PCP-SL are enemies. Castro and the FSLN *supported* Fujimori
in his fight against the PCPSL (read Granma please).

The attitude of louis P. is very bad. In Peru his co-thinkers are demanding
a better and less "undemocratic" repression against the PCP-SL. In the
Internet the castroites like Louis P. are trying to make a rotten block with
the mao-stalinist slander machines to justify the defence of the capitalist
state in Nicaragua against left opposition and to defend all the terrible
concessions that Castro is making to world capitalism.

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