Chairman Gonzalo's Marxist-Leninist-Maoist outlook.

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Chairman Gonzalo's Marxist-Leninist-Maoist outlook.

In the list a number of exchanges - some rational, and others not
so much to say the least - have taken place around the question
of the ideological position of the Communist Party of Peru (PCP).

I feel many comrades may need a synthesis of Chairman Gonzalo's
outlook in reference to the central issues of the international
workers movement in order to clarify their own understanding of
the PCP's political line directly from the words of its
indisputable leader and teacher, Chairman Gonzalo:

"But would it not be correct to consider that we are going
through a general counter-revolutionary offensuive?  Why do we
say this?  Because everyone is attacking the revolution, the
democratic revolution, the socialist revolution, attacking
revolutionary violence, the people's war.  They are attacking the
communist party, socialism, the dictatorship of the proletariat
and they are attacking the goal, communism"

"They say that the facts have demonstrated that socialism is no
longer valid, that socialism does not exist, that it has failed".

"But we must remind them that in the 50s there was a socialist
camp, that the victory of the Chinese revolution meant a
momentous change in the correlation of forces in the world and
that never had been in history a social system capable of
changing so deeply and so rapidly the rotten capitalist and
feudal structures than that which existed in the USSR and in

"We must remind them too, that socialism in the USSR unfolded
under Lenin and under comrade Stalin until the usurpation of
power by the revisionist Khrushchev, and that the situation in
China was similar, where socialism lasted until 1976 when, after
the death of Chairman Mao, DEng Xiao-ping carried out a
counter-revolutionary revisionist coup d'etat".

"And we must remind them, also, that if we are to count from 1848
when marx and Engels (who were only but two people) wrote the
immortal Manifesto of the Communist Party, laying down the
fundamentals of scientific socialism and then, from 1917 when
this socialism was first implemented, we can see that socialism
is young, it has had but a short life and today continues to
exist as an experience.  It lives on in Communists and the
revolutionaries of the world, it lives on as an ideology and as a
praxis.  Also, it lives in us, the communists and revolutionaries
of Peru".

"Therefore, we are talking about a general counter-revolutionary
offensive aimed at averting the revolution as the main historical
and political trend in today's world".

"And who are those aiming their spears against the revolution?
It is the imperialists and the revisionists working hand in hand"


"Another question:  Regardless of all their cannon and hellfire
and the unleashing of their heaviest economic blows, their
mud-slinging and wild attacks, as always without a valid
argument, they are doomed, they are already defeated"

"If we are conscious that in revolutions there are restorations
and even regressions, we should not be surprised at the existance
of a general counter-revolutionary offensive.  Moreover, we must
correctly characterise it in order to handle and defeat it".

"The attacks upon Marxism have always been a prelude for its
further development and advance.  Let us remember our thesis of
1979: "As far as we know at present, fifteen thousand million
years of the process of matter in movement leads us towards the
inexorable march of communism".

"This is the reality so let us grasp this law well and carry it
forward.  Our aim, communism, is not an idea outside the material
process.  It is a part of it.  It originates from this process
and constitutes its perspective.  There is no other class with
the historical perspective of the proletariat."

"The bourgeoisie was once a revolutionary class but it has
already become historically obsolete and it is wildly clawing and
hissing like a wounded beast.  This rabid behaviour is the price
of its destruction.  It feels itself sinking, it knows itself to
be unburied carrion, but although its grave is already open and
waiting, it resists its burial at the hands of the proletariat".

"This last monster engendered by the bourgeoisie, imperialism,
the oppressor of the world's people, must be swept off the face
of the earth together with revisionism and world reaction".

"Our role, the role of the proletariat and the people, is to bury
it.  It is the necessary task in our historical perspective.  We
must always have this absolute conviction: We shall smash the
bourgeoisie and bury imperialism! - imperialism and all its
partners and servants".

Quotes are from "On The Rectification Campaign"  Central
Committee PCP, 1991.

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