Psychologizing exaggerations & limp humour

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Fri Oct 11 17:15:39 MDT 1996

>I wrote:
>>> "Zany creeps", "arrogance", "tiny little groups", "privilege", "anoint
>>> themselves", "sickness" -- you've got to hand it to Louis, he never shrinks
>>> from using an anti-political psychologizing characterization when he might
>>> have used a principled political one instead.
>And Lunchtime Louis P thought of something to hiss back:
>>But you have to understand, Hugh, most normal people view you as
>>demented and a confirmation of my attack.
>We could take a vote on the state of my mental health here on the list to
>check out your allegation. Perhaps we could poll people on their attitudes
>to Louis the Lunch's personal characteristics as well. But the whole thing
>would be useless. It's a sign of political impotence to resort to the kind
>of slurs he and his use all the time -- "police spies", "lunatics",
>"professional disrupters" and the rest.


What about a "poll" in Conway Hall, or in a workers rally, Rodwell?  It is
not the number of accounts that the Fujimori regime can hire in this list to
spread his manure that matters.  It is what the living and real masses would
to to jerks like you once they are made aware of their agent provocateur and
wind-bag for hire nature at the service of the counter-revolution.

That would give you a good measure of the real state of conscious working
class public opinion, and face you with the reality of your political
bankruptcy.  Debate with spivs like you is already useless.  Criticism of a
more direct kind is what we challenge you to face up to now! Up until the
moment you can summon the courage to face it, and since you continue to
slander the revolution, I am perfectly justified to call you an Orwellian
snitch as much as I like, you sanctimonious little Lord Flaunteroy of the
aristocracy of Labour!.


Are you now, like that other "working class hero" J. Plant, also leave a "in
case I should be run over by the number 75 red bus - arrest Adolfo" kind of
postumous snitch note behind?

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