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El Diario Internacional, edited by Luis Arce Borja in
Brussels has just published this interesting practical
guide to understand the issue of the political deception
carried out by opportunists regarding the revolutionary
process in Peru.

As confidence tricksters of this ilk, usurping the name
of generated organisms of the PCP abroad, carry out abundant
misinformation campaigns in this list, we believe it very
useful for public opinion that this guide and other
articles on this issue,  that are part of the new edition
number 35 of El Diario be herewith reproduced.

Committee Sol Peru - London
Press Commission

Reproduced from El Diario Internacional Number 35


If you would bear in mind the following indications,
you can avoid falling for a counterfeit "representative"
of the Communist Party of Peru (PCP) and you may avoid
being taken in by any kind of confidence trick of this sort.

The ingredients that make up this table correspond to the
characteristics of what we could describe as the
"perfect impostor" or "bogus PCP militant".

For the elaboration of this table we based ourselves
in patient observation of some of the most ill-famed
impostors and bogus representatives of the
PCP past and presently active in Europe and the USA.

*   In most cases,  the impostor has lived abroad for
    many years. He may haul from the legal left and,
    as a rule, will have capitulated before  or at the
    time of the initiation of the armed struggle in 1980.

*   He knows not how to speak with curtesy. He adopts the
    "big boss" attitude.

*   He has a penchant for lying and using specious arguments
    against his opponents.

*   He uses ultra revolutionary language, and whenever he
    stumbles in his discourse, he will come up with the
    excuse of "I am following the party line".

*   He does not accept discrepancies, and instead of debating,
    he will resot to crass insults. He may even use violence.

*   He does not like criticism and who dares criticise him has
    to be prepared to be accused as a "CIA agent", to be labelled
    as a petty-bourgeois or as a "revisionist".

*   Whatever he may say in the morning, he will contradict in
    the same afternoon without any shame or qualms.

*   When writing or speaking, he uses stereotyped cliches and
    eight legged essays. He knows nothing about the critical
    spirit of Marxism.  For all occasions in life, he will use
    the same recipe. Repeats himself, parroting ceaselessly the
    same hackneyed phrases and is extremely boring when
    trying to explain anything.

*   At all times - and with no need to be prompted - he will
    portray himself as "the representative of PCP".

*   In some instances, he will imitate the speech and even the
    poise of Chairman Gonzalo.

*   He will set up his own "generated organism" (a family
    clan) abroad, based on the inclusion of his wife, sons,
    brothers, kids, and even the boyfriends and husbands of
    his daughters.

*   He practices cliquishness by resorting to the support of
    the family clan and will always show a vengeful streak.

*   He uses innuendo and mud-slinging in trying to undermine
    the prestige of his internal opponents.

*   He is superficial.  Babbles on about grandiose schemes but
    does nothing useful.  He is a champion builder of "Castles
    in Spain".

*   Alleges to be "working hard" towards creating public opinion
    in favour of the People's War, but in practice he does the
    very opposite. He only serves to undermine the prestige of
    PCP and that of the revolution.

*   He seeks to win political capital by exploiting PCP
    Whenever he may get hold of a document, he will brag about it
    claiming that "the party has sent it to me/us directly".

*   He will pretend to be a "clandestine operative", and will
    use a moniker. However, his telephone, credit cards, deeds of
    his house, etc., will all be registered in his own name.

*   Among his chums, he will say - as he has been doing for the
    last ten years - that soon he is  "going to fight in Peru".

*   In "party" meetings, he will stand up and at the top of his
    voice will say: "I am ready to give my life for the Party
    and the revolution".

*   When he is invited to a family party, he will eat and drink
    like a Cossack and will always seek to be the centre of

*   He will ask for loans and never pay them back. If he is asked
    to honour his debts he will say "I consider it to be a
    for the Party". He carries out campaigns to collect funds and
    never renders any accounts.


In the last few months, in Europe and the USA, some obscure
individuals have been implementing a campaign to undermine
the prestige of the PCP and the revolution in Peru.

This campaign fits like a glove into Fujimori's
plans: To promote disorganisation, sow confusion
and division among friends and supporters of the
People's War.

The main target of this scheme is El Diario Internacional
and, consequently, the Call for a World Mobilisation
Commission in support of the People's War.

This campaign, carried out with a lumpen and police-like
style, is principally implemented through the Internet.
Infamous slanders are poured against foreign political
organisations and personalities who have for many years
given their disinterested and unstinting support to the
Peruvian Maoists and the revolution they promote.

The noxious and even obscene level of these campaigns have
only served to bring gist to the mill of the reactionary
Peruvian press.  The regime's scribblers have taken them
as a joke and have tried to make fun "of the Shining
Path abroad" portraying this "debate" as a "gangster
low life" affair.

In different opportunities we have been forced to deal with
this kind of problem.  One of the most recent struggles against
confidence tricksters, impostors and other vermin, was the
exposure of the Fujimori agents making propaganda for the
"peace letters".

As a component part of this same problem, we had to fight a
merciless struggle against the opportunist clique of Co-RIM,
the top leaders of the Revolutionary Internationalist Movement,
who conciliated with the capitulationists and the traitors.

In February 1992 we pointed out: "Opportunism, as an ideological
and political drag will attempt time and time again to undermine
>from the outside the Maoist organisations abroad. Opportunism,
using all kinds of deception, will attempt to distort the
international line of the Communist Party of Peru (PCP).
(EDI Number 11, February 1992).

In the same edition we explained that one of the aims of this
deception was to: "Sow confusion among the masses in Europe
and other continents who feel sympathy towards the People's War".

We also stressed that all this had the aim of promoting the
international isolation of the PCP and the revolution, and
thus to facilitate the launching of enemy offensives against
the Peruvian process.

In June 1995, exposing a couple of vulgar charlatans who reside
Malmoe (Sweden), we said: "From time to time, individuals or
groups who
attempt to profit from the Peruvian revolution appear abroad.
always portray themselves as "Party leaders", "representatives of
Central Committee" and even describe themselves as members of the
People's Liberation Army (PLA). The conduct of these individuals
always very similar. It seems like they were acting out the same
theatrical script...... " (EDI Number 26, June 1995).


The campaign which we are now referring to is a concerted effort
between two bogus "Peru Peoples' Movement" (MPPs). One of these
operates from New York (USA), and the other has its "base"
in Malmoe (Sweden).

The "MPP-USA" is run by a man who goes under the folkloric
moniker of  "Quispe". Who is this individual?.

In 1985 this fellow was one of the principal activists in
New York working for the electoral campaign of Alfonso
Barrantes Lingan.

One should not overlook the fact that Barrantes, as leader
of the "United Left"(IU), based his electoral campaign on
the hackneyed slogan: "for democracy and for the defeat
of Shining Path".

It was Barrantes's electoral support (he declined to run
in the "second round") that made it possible for the mass
murderer Alan Garcia Perez to win the presidency of the
Republic in Peru.  Everyone is aware of the nefarious
results of that event.

"Mister Quispe"  had active participation in all this,
and his role was played precisely in the USA.

"Quispe", has lived for more than 20 years abroad and his
"love" for the People's War in Peru was born in the early 90s.
His "links with the PCP" begin with his establishing relations
with elements that had insignificant or even nil part in
the Peruvian process, but in fact had fled to the USA.

The "MPP-USA" is some sort of "Yankee base" for some Peruvians
who have betrayed their class and their principles and have gone
over to live in the USA.  The PCP has nothing to do with this
"business".  It is well known that the PCP does not favour its
militants or sympathizers to capitulate and go abroad.

"Mister Quispe" seeks to obtain legitimacy and to cover up his
despicable activities by translating and publishing documents
>from PCP.  This work he uses like he uses a veil or a mask.

His true objective is to attack and implement his provocations
and to attempt to debilitate the international campaign in
support of the revolution in Peru.

This trick is not new and it has been used before by Javier
Esparza and other like vermin abroad.

It is good to remember that - up until October 1993 - the
most active people in publicising the documents of PCP and in
cheer-leading the People's War, were those who are now working
for the "peace agreement" and for the Peruvian regime.

It is good to stress that the PCP, allows and favours that
their documents are re-printed in any language.  The more
they are available, the better.

There are specific directions from PCP establishing that
(public) Party documents should be circulated - without
pigeonholing them - to all those who may be able to
publicise them.

For this, there is no need to be a member of PCP, it is
enough to be a friend or supporter of the People's War
in Peru.  What PCP is totally against is that its documents
be used for deception or for the smuggling of Trojan horses.

It is clear that "Mister Quispe" is acting for some one
else, but certainly not for the PCP. Can anyone really
think that the Peruvian communists would display in any way
the behaviour indulged on by "Mr. Quispe"?.  There is nothing
in common with him.


About the bogus Malmoe "MPP" we shall only say the following:

This alleged "MPP" is a crass invention of the Co-Rim leaders.
This "shop" is tended by a couple: a man and a woman.
Both have lived in Sweden for the last 10 years. The
individual who parades himself as the "representative
of the PCP", is someone who was expelled from the
Party in 1984.

In that year he went abroad.  First he went to Bolivia and,
later, he "landed" in Sweden.  It was Javier Esparza who
"recruited" him into the MPP as it existed then in that
country.  In the case of the woman, we must stress that
this person has no political history other than having being
the wife of a former member of the PCP who is today one of the
advocates of the police hoax of "Peace Agreement" within the
Peruvian prisons.

It is possible that the "contact channel" that the Malmoe
couple alleges to have with PCP will, in fact, refer exclusively
to the relations this woman keeps with her former husband who
is now working for Fujimori.

The bogus Malmoe "MPP", from its inception, became a caboose for
the train of the  Co-Rim leaders policies.  All their activities
have been geared to defend  opportunism within the Revolutionary
Internationalist Movement and to hurl furious invective against
El Diario Internacional.

This "MPP"  has a particular penchant for falsification and for
"amending" of PCP documents.

The Co-RIM leaders, isolated and cornered because of their
opportunist activities, are using this ghostly "MPP" as a
protecting cover in order to continue to reap political
profits from the People's War in Peru.


It is clear that the bogus "MPPs", "Mister Quispe's", and
that in Malmoe (Sweden), are but puppets and pawns for the
plans of the Co-RIM leaders as well as the schemes of other
dark forces.

These two bogus "MPP" are bastard pups of the Co-RIM dog.

Publicly the Co-RIM does not acknowledge them.  But, they,
nevertheless, overstrain themselves in the service of this
opportunist leadership.

The birth of these new "MPPs" and their own activities, are a
direct post-mortem consequence of the hoax of "peace agreement"
and its advocates abroad.

The problem currently posited by these impostors is, in essence,
part and parcel of the struggle against capitulation, treason and

In synthesis, it is the continuation of the struggle against the
enemies of the Peruvian revolution. These enemies hide behind the
most varied masks and disguises, but their actions are geared to
the service of the Peruvian regime and principally US

This "Triple Axis", represented by the "block" of the Co-Rim
leaders, "Mister Quispe" and the Malmoe "MPP", has two principal
immediate aims:

First, attempting to destroy El Diario Internacional;
Second:  To drive a wedge between the PCP and its
sympathizers and those organisations
abroad who truly support the people's War.

These twin aims of this Three Headed Hydra is the determining
factor in  their alignment on the side of the Fujimori regime
and the US imperialist plans and later day efforts to breathe
new life into the political corpse of their agents, the
capitulationists abroad.


The transnational campaign unleashed by Fujimori against the
PCP faces important obstacles: Proletarian internationalism,
the solidarity of friends and sympathizers of the People's War,
and, particularly, El Diario Internacional.

The "Peace Agreement" hoax was rapidly exposed and its advocates
defeated.  Today, they are seeking new skins and new bosses to
parasite off.

Currently, some individuals who parade themselves as combatants
against the "Peace Agreement" hoax, are aiming their spears
against all and sundry who would support and defend the Peruvian
revolution abroad.

These impostors, curiously, allege that the capitulators and the
police agents constitute a "line" of opposition within the PCP.

With that ruse, they seek to legitimate the police hoax concocted
against the Peruvian revolution.  Their objective abroad is
merely to
debilitate, to confuse, and to divide the international movement
support of the armed struggle in Peru.  The main enemy, for these
"counterfeit maoists",  is El Diario Internacional, not Fujimori,
nor US imperialism.

How should we regard these individuals?.  At the moment, we have
no evidence to prove them as infiltrated agents within the
movement of solidarity.  However, it is plainly evident - and
their actions show this beyond doubt - that they are the dumb
tools of the Fujimori regime.

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