Some problems

Antonio Mota antonio_mota at
Fri Oct 11 21:40:56 MDT 1996

Dears Sirs.

I've sent some messages to the groups M's and Film-Theory that aparently
wasn't received, has there weren't any responses to them (not that all
messages should have responses, but similar ones posted by me have had
it). Is there any problem I don't accuaint? I usually use
film-theory at jefferson.village.Virginia.EDU,
marxism at jefferson.village.Virginia.EDU and
marxism2 at jefferson.village.Virginia.EDU.

Also I never received any messages from Baudrillard's list, altought I'm
subscribed to it. Is that the case there aren't any discuusions at all
at the present time? Similarly, I use
baudrillard at jefferson.village.Virginia.EDU

Last, BNL, due to the profusion of low-level high-volume totally useless
treads of hideous discussions on M lists, I'm thinking in unsubscribe
for them, thus to join later on one of the new upcoming lists. Is it
possible for you to signal me when those lists really came up, and what
their aim is, if and by who are moderated, if by volume or content, with
possibility of exclusions, etc... I'm really interested in debate
various questions regarding marxism in the turn of the century, and in a
marxist analysis of the new post-capitalist relations of
production/consumption and new forms of capitalist exploitation, but at
the same time not to have to get 100 post a day with nothing else but
selfish egocentric jactancies.

Is it possible to do so (I mean, unsub/sub later)?

Best Regards,
Antonio Mota

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