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> Doug Henwood writes:
> >I don't know the [William T Morris] Foundation, but Olin is a very
> right-wing foundation,
> >while the Open Society Institute is a project of bigtime speculator George
> >Soros, who reportedly thinks himself a social democrat. If there's one
> >thing that can unite Soc Dems and the far right, it's a hatred of Lenin.
> The rogues gallery of sponsors for the Lenin volume also include the Lynde
> and Harry Bradley Foundation and something called the Historical Research
> Foundation.    The Open Society Institute was founded with personnel and
> (from what I understand) "other resources" from Freedom House (publishers of
> *Freedom at Issue*) and the recipient of Langley's largesse in the past.
> That's why I made the CIA connection.
> Louis Godena

Speaking of foundations. How do you know, guys, who's behind this or that
foundation if it is not that big and (in)famous as Olin?
Is there any kind of guide or something?
 This is not a mere curiosity. Some time ago I did a research on the
so-called Russian "postmodernism" and its role in the formation of the
comprador culture. One book, which was specialy valueable as evidence of
the American involvement in institutionalizing pomo in Russia, was said
to be financed by a foundation I never heard about.  The book was of
scandalous quality, much below even the standards of the US Sovietology
and Russian "literary studies." Who could finance that monster? I still
don't know. Hence my question: Where can one look for POLITICAL info
on US foundations?


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