People's War in Peru Develops New Strenght

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Red Star Information Bulletin and Commentary:

Source "New York Times".

On August 5, 1996, the New York Times reporter Calvin Sims writes
under the title of:

Blasts Propel Shining Path From Defunct to Dangerous

Let us see some of the highlights of this report:

"LIMA, Peru -- Peru's long struggle against the Shining Path
guerrilla group has taken a turn for the worse in the last week
with a deadly series of bombings and attacks that have raised
fears that the insurgency is making a comeback".

Of course here, what SIMS calls "Peru's long struggle" is nothing
but the old Peruvian state of big bourgeois, bureacrats and
land-owners and the military brass which sustains it in its death
bed struggle against the Peruvian people.  What is true is that
the bourgeosie and the imperialists who had been trumpeting the
canard of "defeat of the Shining Path" since 1992, have had their
"fears raised" no end by the latest offensives of the People's
Liberation Army, the development of the People's Liberation Front
and the hightened struggle of the masses led by the PCP.  The
Maoists that they so many times pronounced dead and buried are
now rather healthier than before!

Sims continues:

"While Peruvians have learned to live under the constant threat
of terrorism, the latest wave of assaults by the Maoist group,
which was once believed to have been defeated, is particularly
troubling because it was well coordinated and penetrated
sensitive government and military targets".

Here the question is again, who are troubled by the upsurge of
the revolution?  Only the counter-revolutionaries, the
imperialists and their servants!

"The guerrillas bombed a central police station charged with
protecting the Peruvian Congress and the house of a general who
is the military chief in a region where the rebels have a
stronghold. Following assertions that the attacks were made
possible by security lapses, the chief of Peru's anti-terrorist
police resigned."

"Experts on terrorism said that the attacks were the most
successful the Shining Path has undertaken since its top leaders
were captured three years ago. The arrests were considered a
turning point in a civil war that has killed more than 35,000
people and cost $25 billion in damages since 1980".

Here, of course, the absurd thesis that the "top leaders" were
captured and the PCP "decapitated" has been proven false by
reality.  There was a blow to the leadership with the capture of
Chairman Gonzalo. That much is true.  But not a decisive blow,
not a "decapitation" either.  The PCP has many leaders able to
continue the struggle and lead the People's War to victory.
However, the imperialist press does not want to give up the ghost
so easily, and we shall see later in the analysis of this report
how they are trying to persevere with their psychological warfare
and dis-information campaign to give a distorted and false view
of the PCP, the People's War and the development of the Peruvian


"If you consider what has happened in the last few days -- that
the government was forced to remove its director of
anti-terrorism because of these strategic attacks -- you have to
conclude that Shining Path has started to recover from its long
demise," said Carlos Tapia, a leading Peruvian researcher in

"Tapia and other terrorism experts attribute the success of the
recent attacks to new leadership within the Shining Path, which
was severely crippled when the military captured Abimael Guzman
Reynoso, Shining Path's founder. After his arrest, he called for
his comrades to forge a peace with the government. Many
subsequently turned themselves in under a government amnesty

Here we have the main elements of the "Peace Agreement" plot of
the CIA and the Fujimori regime - a 100% police plot hatched by
US and Peruvian "counter-insurgency" experts been bashed into
shape again and again:

The slander that Chairman Gonzalo has betrayed the revolution is
repeated.  This in cahoots with the turcoats such as Javier
Esparza, Carlos and Delia La Torre, and the Co-Rim leaders, as
well as the minor players in this anti-PCP anti-Maoist
conspiracy, the advocates and defenders of the La Torres, the
Esparzas and the Co-Rim leaders who advance the thesis that the
so called "Peace Agreement" is only "partly a police plot".

Lets continue with the analysis of Sims:

"Political violence in Peru had not stopped even before the
current series of attacks. In the last 18 months, analysts
estimate, about 450 people have died in political violence in
Peru, and the government has detained more than 500,000 suspects.

Here, to be noted, is the sheer volume of the Stolypin style
repression unleashed by the pro-imperialist regime against the
wide masses.  500,000
arrested within 18 months, it works at the rate of at least a
thousand people a day!  That is your "democratic regime" for you!

Sims goes on to describe the current offensive:

"The recent attacks began on July 26, when a car bomb exploded
outside the police station two blocks from the Congress, killing
one passer-by and wounding at least seven other people".

"Last Monday, the Shining Path took responsibility for a bombing
outside the home of an army general, Manuel Varela Gamarra, who
is the military chief in the Upper Huallaga Amazon region, where
the rebels have a stronghold".

"On Wednesday, two Shining Path gunmen shot and killed a
prominent community leader, Epifanio Santamaria Rodriguez, in the
Lima shantytown of San Martin. The group had been trying to make
inroads there but had been rebuffed by Santamaria. Shining Path
guerrillas also attacked a construction company in the highlands,
destroying equipment and property. In each case, they either
claimed responsibility or they left signs that they were
responsible for the attacks".

Once again, the imperialist propaganda dressing up the
para-military gangsters used to enforce a regime which sustains
itself in power by arresting 1000 people a day, as "prominent
community leaders" and no doubt "left wing comrades" to some
phoney Marxists to boot!  Here to note is how the imperialist lie
machine has been trying to create the impression that "the PCP
kills leftists" by the "ingenious method" of dressing police and
army agents as "community leaders" and even providing them with
"leftist credentials".

More from Sims:

"Gen. Carlos Dominguez was ordered to resign his post as chief of
the anti-terrorist police following widespread criticism within
the government that security forces were careless in failing to
guard against the attacks".

Evidently Fujimori is a believer in the old principle that when
your policy fails at the root, you should blame the poor buggins
in charge of implementing it, and shuffle round the deck chairs
in the Titanic!


"Military officials declined to discuss the attacks. But military
staff members said that security forces have declared a full
alert and that the government is considering extending a state of
emergency, already in effect in 19 districts of Lima and many
provinces, that gives security forces broad powers to combat


"President Alberto Fujimori has sought to assure Peruvians that
the government is fully in control of the situation. "The attacks
do not signify that we have let our guard down," the president
said at a recent news conference. "I repeat -- we guarantee
citizens' security, and the iron fist approach will continue."


Sims continues spouting the Us imperialist official line:

"With the capture of its central leaders in 1993, Shining Path
divided into two factions: one that heeded Guzman's call for
peace and another that continued the fight under the leadership
of Oscar Ramirez Duran, who was a top aide to Guzman and is
believed to be hiding out in the highlands along the Huallaga

Needless to say that this is also another falsehood the size of a
Cathedral. The Fujimori regime has long been spinning this
fairy-story and for that purpose the name of Mr. Ramirez Duran -
who no one has seen or heard of for years - has been bandied
around and given the flashy name of "Chairman Feliciano".
Supposedly, this "Chiarman Feliciano" was - at the last count -
"holed up in the deep jungle" with the last "80 fighters" left to
the "dead Shining Path".

It is a fact that the army and the police have organised groups
who go around shanty-towns and villages painting such absurd
slogans as "Long Live Chairman Feliciano".  The regime, in
another dis-information move, has also began printing a bogus
edition of El Diario (whose editor in Peru and abroad continues
to be Luis Arce Borja as we have - in honour to the truth and the
interests of the revolution - insisted is the case) and presented
it as "The New El Diario" in which this "Chairman Feliciano"
fairy-tale is spread too.  The kisspees in this list have in fact
repeated such malicious counter-intel-pro and anyone wishing to
check the record in this list can see for themselves.  That is
how capitulation and counter-intelligence work hand in hand to
divert the Peruvian revolution from the line of Chairman Gonzalo.
However, everyone familiar with the support movement abroad for
the Peruvian revolution knows that the PCP has but one Chairman,
and that is Chairman Gonzalo.  While he is in prison, the Party
is led by the Central Committee. Those are the facts.

Finally, SIMS concludes with a foretaste of an "alternative"
strategy for the Fujimori/CIA propaganda line:

"But terrorism experts said that contacts within the group
indicated that Shining Path has now splintered into numerous

In this, the "New Flag/Sol Rojo" concoction, unmasked as the work
of a handful of Yankee opportunists linked to the leaders of
Co-Rim and the crypto-Trotskyst Revolutionary Communist Party of
the USA is playing its role.  However, anyone dreaming that the
kisspees represent anything in Peru is only playing into the
hands of the US imperialists and their "alternative" story of
"splintering of the PCP into many factions".  This explains the
ridiculous lenght that such agent provocateurs are prepared to
go.  It is part and parcel of the class enemy's strategy to try
divert the Peruvian revolution from the road to victory.

And finally, more and "juicer" mis-information:

"The factions are being coordinated by a new group of leaders who
had been part of the Shining Path hierarchy during its infancy in
the 1970s but who had left the group after a dispute with Guzman
over the timing of his decision to take up arms in 1980".

Who do the US imperialists mean by this?  The Esparzas and the La
Torres, and the scab Maximiliano Duran Araujo.  Precisely the
"heroes" promoted by the kisspees in this (and the Peruvian)
lists while accussing Arce Borja and Committee Sol Peru of
"Stalinism" for "purging" such "nice gentlemen" who are now,
according to the imperialist press "coordinating the factions"!

Now in Peru we have a saying:  The fish dies by its own mouth.
US imperialist mis-information serves here to debunk the notion
spread by bogus leftists about the "defeat of the Shining Path".

In this connection, it is worth quoting from Comrade Adolfo
Olaechea's speech at the Peru Hearing in Belgium of 26/02/94.  As
those familiar with the International Movement in Solidarity with
the People's War in Peru that Hearing was organised by the
Belgian Party of Labour organisation for Anti-imperialist
solidarity.  The Belgian regime declared comrade Olaechea "a
Danger to Public Order"  and his entry into that country was
forbidden.  However, the speech was given in video format in a
Giant Television screen before a capacity crowd:

"However, on 12 September 1992, the reactionary regime arrested
Chairman Gonzalo.  It was a lucky stroke for the reactionary
regime and it marked the beginning of a second moment within the
strategic equilibrium.  It presented the revolutionaries with the
need to defend the life of the leader of the revolution.
Meanwhile, the reactionary regime tried to take maximum advantage
by attempting to repair and consolidate its dire situation.  The
first moment of the strategic equilibrium began in 1990; this
period lasted until the capture of Chairman Gonzalo in September
92.  Today, amid great to-and-fro tides, the contenders deal each
other the most destabilising blows.  In this situation the
revolution is proving its strategic superiority, learning more,
resisting more and overcoming its problems with greater ease. On
the other hand the regime is ever more compelled to rely upon
increasing dictatorship, more bullets, more fascism and more
blatant mass murder".

And characterising the question that "baffles" the "experts" and
the "commentators" like SIMS, comrade Olaechea continued:

"Principally, the regime seeks to make inroads in undermining the
unity of the PCP.  It aims to create division and drag the party
and the people along the road leading to the swamp of
negotiations. That is the rationale for the fraudulent "peace"
plot peddled by Fujimori:  The forged letters, videos and
photographs that featured in a campaign taken by the tyrant to
the United nations with his speech of October 1, 1993. From there
he went on to use, fraudulently and without success, the image of
Chairman Gonzalo in his attempt to butress his referendum and new

"On the other hand the imprisonment of Chairman Gonzalo has
served to prove beyond any doubt the capacity of the PCP to
continue to lead the People's War. It has displayed its ability
to follow and carry out the plans and teachings of its leader"

And finally:

"Each time the regime and its accomplices, the capitulators, have
tried to promote their phoney peace ploy, the revolutionaries and
people of Peru have responded with devastating actions.  These
actions have often left the regime with egg all over its face.
The capacity to cause damage and obtain certain temporary
benefits afforded to the regime by this plot has come to a dead
end.  In the immediate period ahead this will come more into
evidence.  Thus it will signal the start of the strategic
offensive of the Peruvian revolution.  Strategic offensive that
has the perspective of total victory, of the seizure of power in
the whole country and, soon, with the establishment of the
People's Republic of Peru"

Anyone wishing to obtain the complete text of this important
speech should apply to this account to Committee Sol Peru, Press
Commission and we shall E-Mail them a copy.

Committee Sol Peru

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