hyperinflation in centrally planned economies: the Chinese exception

Louis R Godena louisgodena at ids.net
Fri Oct 11 19:32:25 MDT 1996

Looking back over my bibliography,  I note an excellent piece by Martin Wolf
in the November 13,  1995 *Financial Times* (Markets section,  p. 24) that
uses the exact figures I presented in my post.    This,  in addition to the
other sources cited in my post [Yasheng Huang,  *Inflation & Investment
Controls in China* (1996: Cambridge University Press;  Wm A Byrd and Allen
Gelb, "Why Industrialize?   The Incentives for Rural Community Governments,
"  in Byrd and Lin Qinsong,  eds., *China's Rural Industry* (1990: Oxford
University Press,  for the World Bank)]

May I also suggest,  by way of background,  Victor Nee,  "Peasant
Entrepreneurship and the Politics of Regulation in China, "  in Nee & David
Stark,  eds.,  *Remaking the Economic Institutions of Socialism* (1989:
Stanford University Press).

I took exception to Mr Rosser's careless insinuation that I was passing off
half-ass work onto the list members.    Certainly one of the most important
functions of this or any list is to suggest discussion based on as adequate
a data base as possible.     This I feel I have always done.

My apologies to Mr Rosser if I overreacted.

Louis Godena

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