Brit Conservative Party Splits

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Sat Oct 12 01:00:35 MDT 1996

Michael, I am glad you are still around.

One comment about splits in the Conservative Party.
Their conference which has just ended managed to paper
over the differences more successfully than expected,
in view of the impending election. The text was unity,
and the Eurosympathisers such as Clarke and Heseltine
pulled off confident performances within this agenda.
But the underlying analysis I presented is consistent
with many people's assumptions that if the party loses
next year's election it will split.

Your overview about Free Trade on a world scale over the
last 100+ years is stimulating. Yes of course Britain
is now very weak, except as a centre of finance capital.

But your point that in the nineteenth century Britain
was strong enough to try to impose free trade on the world
is interesting. Marxism has been analysing the contradictions
of capitalism for only 150 years. Perhaps we can see the period
of economic imperialism as defined by Lenin, as a stage
in that process.

The powerful neo-liberal agenda now being
imposed on all countries by the IMF is arguably the result
of a new level of complexity where capital is so
interpenetrated despite all its contradictions, that this
is the resultant of forces which suits the interests of
its self-reproduction best. Clearly the US is the most
powerful concentration of capital but its power is being
eroded. Capital of course ultimately does not depend on the
details of the humans who represent it. It is in that
sense that I suggest in other posts that the IMG is the
target of marxist revolutionary hopes.


PS since you are around I am posting a mail I kept back
long ago when there was too much else going on for me.
I would be interested in your criticisms

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