Rotten Block between pro-PCPSL and pro-Castroites

Richard Bos Richard.Bos at
Fri Oct 11 23:50:59 MDT 1996

I stepped back from the debate about Peru because I did not know about
the details, and I do not like people shooting theirs mouths off on
subjects that they do not really know enough about.

PO thanked me for that attitude, and then proceeded to do precisley

On the one hand, they say that they do not subscribe to this list, and
only read some of the mailings. On the other hand they attack Louis P's
campaign against R.Maleki.

If they do not know enough about the circumstances or history of that
campaign, then they should keep out of it until they do! Being
mail-bombed by a book made me feel pissed off I can tell you!

It would be helpful if PO told us more about the work that they do
instead of interfering in other people's affairs.

To PO:

 I want to know more about your organisation's work, so tell me
something please.

Louis G. has been unable to find any reference to your organisation in a
number of relevant publications. Is this because your group is very
small, which is no shame to admit? Is it because you shun publicity
outside Peru? Is it because your group is a fairly recent formation, and
there has not been enough time to be well known outside Peru?

I would like to know a bit about the origins of PO, and how it's ideas
developed from it's roots. Did you split from another Trotskyist group,
and why? Tell us about the "united front" that you have mentioned. Which
other left groups are also involved? What is their influence in working
class areas? How does the government act against workers?


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