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>> [Lous goes on about how nobody understands him. As always
>Louis is at the centre of the world. In reality he is at the centre
>of his own imaginary universe]]
>> Louis: Nobody seems to get it. The war in Vietnam shaped my life. It made
>> me into a revolutionary. I have a big thick FBI file in my desk all about
>> my activities in the 60s. I spent so many nights out on the dark city
>> streets with a fucking bucket of wheat paste mixed in with Elmer's Glue to
>> keep all those "Bring the Troops Home" posters stuck to lamp-posts so that
>> the next demonstration could be big as possible, while watching out for
>> the cops. Half the time it seemed like it was 40 degrees and raining.
>>  [we get it alright Proyect.  There are thousands of clapped-out
>student refugees  from the 60's posturing as revolutionaries around the world.
>How come then, that it was OK for you to watch out for cops then, but now
>you take the cops word for what Maleki did in that same war? Come on
>Proyect come clean, you are so envious of Maleki, who did something
>serious to stop the war, while you wanked about in the SWP student
>brigade, that you cant digest your lunch anymore.  The bile is taken
>out on us poor suckers who think there might be some hope for you]
> Then along comes this Malecki-thing taking credit for ending the
>> production of napalm and practically shortening the Vietnam war. This
>> ingratiates him with Eraserhead professor of Marxian metaphysics Hans
>> Egbar and the next thing you know Egbar is sponsoring him as moderator of
>> Marxism-Intro.
>[more envy.  How can anybody take Maleki seriously and not you. Your
>life was CHANGED after all, cant we see that! We all deserve to be
>shipped off to Marxism-intro to learn some Proyect fundamentals like
>how to poster in the rain, how to use police charges to slander a
>militant Trotskyist, and how to lunch a revolution from NY city.
>  As Hugh continues to point out, why would we want to go to the
> Stalin school of falsification?]>
> This Malecki-thing who sold LSD for a living, who went out to Hollywood to
>> get work as an extra, then went to Cleveland and got a job building army
>> tanks. This Malecki-thing who takes a leaflet from some activist and gets
>> inspired to go to an organizing meeting where he tells the
>> petty-bourgeoisie that they should follow the example of the Bolsheviks
>> who turned the imperialist war into a civil war. This Malecki-thing who
>> has never been to a single demonstration or rally in his life, let alone
>> read Marx or Lenin.
>>[sorry if we all cant be intellectuals and have our lives CHANGED  by
>demonstrating against the Vietnam war.  You cant understand how
>workers live and how they might CHANGE without first reading Marx and
>Engels? This betrays you contempt for the working class,  and your
>intellectual arrogance in substituting yourself and your coterie of
>lunch-time marxists as the alternative to the working class.  PO got
>it right, under your personal self-advertisment is your political
>agenda - defence of the progressive petty-bourgeoisie as the agents of
>> So now that he is transformed into an activist, what does he do?
>>> He starts stockpiling dynamite so he can attack "public buildings" and
>> "power plants" to stop the war in Vietnam. This means murder. This means
>> the murder of working-people, just like McVeigh did in Oklahoma City. This
>> is no antiwar activist. This is a sewer rat. I have stopped caring whether
>> he is a professional provocateur or not. He is simply the scum of the
>> earth. I have pretty much stopped attacking him. It seems that Rodwell
>> still sticks up for him. Vladimir and Hans are staying mum, as they
>> should.
>> [So now you take the bourgeois media and the cops word for
>Maleki's activities. You are the judge, jury and executioner in place
>of the bourgeois state?  Doesnt that make you an accomplice of the
>state? I say executioner, because while you have not
>gone that far, you accuse Maleki of murder without proof, and at
>the same time cover for Olaechea's open advocacy of killing oponents of
>his political tendency in Peru.  If you go that far in Peru, without
>having done your "research",  of course you can go that far in the US
>where you still havnt done your "research".  You take Olaechea's word
>in Peru, and the FBI's word in the US.]
>Pretty soon Malecki will be history. I plan to post his Cleveland
>> Plain-Dealer article about the dynamite plot ALL OVER THE INTERNET. Watch
>> the rat squirm when that happens.
>>[ this says it all. You are a bourgeois hack and toadie of the
>bourgeois state.  There is only one thing for principled marxists to
>do on this list and that is to condemn you and refuse to have any further
>discussion with you until you reject your rotten bloc with the
>bourgeois state against Maleki and apologise]
> But in a day or two, we will be on a new list where I will be as sober as
>> a judge and write about important matters. Until that happens, I plan to
>> keep on speaking my mind.
>[You only speak your mind about unimportant matters Proyect?
>Those important matters no doubt will be how the intellectuals can
>save the world from the dreadful working class which seems incapable
>of rising up to the challenge of lunching a revolution. I agree such
>things are not worth speaking your mind about]>
>> Dave

Hi Dave,

Nice letter.

Bob Malecki

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