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>There are quite a few people in London who would love to see you blanch in the
podium of the MAIN AUDITORIUM of Conway Hall.  In fact,  I'll pay the
difference between your puny offer of an 80 people hall and the main hall.
Let's make it international too.  Bring malecki along. I know a few thousand
Turkish friends here that want to ask him questions about his slanders against
the martyred Turkish prisoners on hunger strike.  Maybe Rodwell, and even
"commander Quispe" would dare to come "under a guard of Huillcas, Ponces, and
Chiaras (without forgetting his "brave" MUTT D. and the rest of the Avakian

Lets get serious here. Lets have the Albert Hall, you'll need something that
big just for your ego. We could hire the orchestra to play your irrational
anthem "The band played believe it if you like".

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