Confessions of and SWP reformist!

Robert Malecki malecki at
Sat Oct 12 00:58:03 MDT 1996

>On Fri, 11 Oct 1996, Hugh Rodwell (on behalf of PO) wrote:
>> Nobody cares if Malecki is the worst person in the planet or if he is or not
>> a genuine refugee. Bob Malecki is not a party or an organisation. He is only
>> one single person isolated in Sweden.
>Louis: Nobody seems to get it. The war in Vietnam shaped my life. It made
>me into a revolutionary. I have a big thick FBI file in my desk all about
>my activities in the 60s. I spent so many nights out on the dark city
>streets with a fucking bucket of wheat paste mixed in with Elmer's Glue to
>keep all those "Bring the Troops Home" posters stuck to lamp-posts so that
>the next demonstration could be big as possible, while watching out for
>the cops. Half the time it seemed like it was 40 degrees and raining.

Boo hoo! The confessions of Proyect from is *personal* scrapbook! In fact
what he is openly admitting and does not say it was that he was running and
operation for the reformist SWP and its support of the popular front
politics of the liberal bougeoisie! While he and his SWP friends were
sucking up to liberal democratic politicians like Mayor Stokes, other people
were doing more direct actions because they could not stomach the rotten
reformist politics of the SWP and the popular front politics of the National
Peace Action Coalition (NPAC).The same people who raised the above slogan
>from the liberal camp were breaking strikes against the teamsters at the
same time. But Proyect does not want to talk about the demise of the SWP
into the reformist camp around this time.
He is just doing a *personal* nastolgia trip about rainy nights and getting
some "Elmers glue" on his hands. And them blocks with the bougeois state
against other anti-war militants still living in exile!

>Then along comes this Malecki-thing taking credit for ending the
>production of napalm and practically shortening the Vietnam war. This
>ingratiates him with Eraserhead professor of Marxian metaphysics Hans
>Egbar and the next thing you know Egbar is sponsoring him as moderator of

And here some more whining from the yellow journalist. First he puts words
in my mouth about stopping the production of Napalm personally. In fact it
was a concentrated nationwide campaign with many dedicated people involved
that forced Dow Chemical to back down. Going on to the heart of the matter.
Proyect the professor feels insulted! that Hans could purpose Malecki as one
of the moderaters on the new list! So that is what is really bugging the
neo-Stalinist, yellow journalist professor! A place in the sun. Another
label for his scrapbook! This is so fucking funny. I said in my appeal;

"I  also took responsibility for the destruction of the international
computer network of the Dow Chemical Corp. in Washington DC. This
company produced napalm and agent orange for the bombs being dropped
on Vietnam. Because of this action and OTHERS Dow Chemical stopped
its production of napalm".

He drags Malecki, Phil Berrigan and many others through the mud accusing
them of doing exactly the same thing that the government claims because Hans
did not offer him the job of moderater! How utterly despicable you are Proyect.

A new left careerist with his scrapbook! Burns people in exile for not
getting the job of moderater.

>This Malecki-thing who sold LSD for a living, who went out to Hollywood to
>get work as an extra, then went to Cleveland and got a job building army
>tanks. This Malecki-thing who takes a leaflet from some activist and gets
>inspired to go to an organizing meeting where he tells the
>petty-bourgeoisie that they should follow the example of the Bolsheviks
>who turned the imperialist war into a civil war. This Malecki-thing who
>has never been to a single demonstration or rally in his life, let alone
>read Marx or Lenin.

Slander after slander after slander and then some lies to top it off. The
New York intellectual having his personal career and scrapbook and along
comes this horrible Malecki with a poor and working class background and
completely destroys the atomosphere on M1 and more. He is offered a
moderater job! The complete insult to Proyect, his whole life, career and
scrapbook is in danger!
>So now that he is transformed into an activist, what does he do?
>He starts stockpiling dynamite so he can attack "public buildings" and
>"power plants" to stop the war in Vietnam. This means murder. This means
>the murder of working-people, just like McVeigh did in Oklahoma City. This
>is no antiwar activist. This is a sewer rat. I have stopped caring whether
>he is a professional provocateur or not. He is simply the scum of the
>earth. I have pretty much stopped attacking him. It seems that Rodwell
>still sticks up for him. Vladimir and Hans are staying mum, as they

Not satisfied that he was completely exposed about his original accusations
of Malecki being a cop and agent provacateur in the pay of imperialism. Our
SWP scrapbook careerist turns to new slander. Accusing (along with the FBI
and the government) of blowing up buildings! In fact Proyect goes even
futher then the government saying that Malecki is the McVeigh of the anti
war movement.

In the appeal i wrote it states clearly;

"The funny thing about this is that it never happened! The White
House, planes on Guam, electric powerplants, public buildings was
a conspiracy according to the government. In reality we were people
who had always taken responsibility for our actions."

However the bruised ego of the SWP scrapbook man feeling threatened by
Malecki does not care about truth any longer. What is driving him is that
Malecki was offered a moderater place by Hans. The biggest insult of all to
our little careerist Proyect. Christ Hans give him a list this poor sucker
who lets his personal ego and career
on M1? turn him into a complete madman.

No in fact this is wrong. Proyect should be thrown off the lists at
Jefferson Village for helping the American Government and FBI in their
prosecution of militants from the anti-war movement still living in exile!
He openly admits that he is going to do this all over the Internet!
Naturally in the bottom there is also a good dos of reformist and neo
Stalinist politics to back up this sick ego tripped carreerist activities.

>Pretty soon Malecki will be history. I plan to post his Cleveland
>Plain-Dealer article about the dynamite plot ALL OVER THE INTERNET. Watch
>the rat squirm when that happens.

Now, the man is out to personally destroy me. But in fact he is endangering
a lot of people lives by this kind of activity. However it is interesting
that Proyect wants to end his political career in such a despicable way. But
obviously it is his choice.
I am collecting a lot of information at this point Louis and believe me you
will only be drawing more shit on your head as you fall into the abyss. I
hope that people on M1 realize what Proyect is claiming he will do now! He
along with the FBI and Government want to confirm that anti war activists
were in reality terrorists. Now 25 years later Proyect wants to lead this
campaign for the government and the FBI against Malecki ALL OVER THE INTERNET!

How long are the Socialist and communists at Jefferson Village willing to
accept this kind of activitivity from Proyect? I demand that everybody take
a clear position on this new and dangerous cop provacation by Proyect. He is
THEIR LIES OVER THE INTERNET. Why are the Communists and Socialists on this
list silent about this!

Goodbye Louis you have completely exposed yourself. Too bad in fact that
their are people who would allow you on any list at all after the incredible
unpincipled and disgusting neo Stalinist yellow journalism. But I am quite
sure that numerous people now have your number Proyect. More and more in the
future will become aware of you anti communist and anti working class
antics. You dead politically after this Proyect. Your scrapbook career ends
as a pro government and FBI yellow journalist
spreading lies and slanders against people in the anti war movement around
the Internet.

Do not think that this stuff will not be brought up where ever you show up
and try to pose as some sort of leftist.

Bob Malecki

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