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Sat Oct 12 01:55:53 MDT 1996

Robert Malecki wrote:
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> I support this document. It is a very good description of the demise of the
> PCP both in Peru and Internationally after the fall of the great leader
> Gonzalo. And the stuff about keeping the halo of Gonzalo by all of the wings
> of the PCP is just incredible while at the same time the great leader is
> selling out to the generals!
> Bob Malecki

It seems rather incredible to me too.

Are they suggesting some kind of conspiracy between two wings of the
They hate each other in public, but not in private? Or are they
suggesting that Gonzalez has managed to fool two opposing organisations
into accepting his leadership in opposite directions from his prison

Each time I read any of this I get left with more questions. I am slowly
working things out though, but I still intend to keep out of the
denounciation game.


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