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Sat Oct 12 05:51:54 MDT 1996

Richard Bos writes;
>It seems rather incredible to me too.
>Are they suggesting some kind of conspiracy between two wings of the

No they are not suggesting anything Richard. The point is that all wings of
the PCP both in Peru and outside Internationally want to use the halo of the
god Gonzalo that they produced! The Maoists who build this movement around
certain "great" heros and turning them into to a cult of worship now are
fighting over who will get the Gonzalo mantel now that he is in prison. It
is very funny because Gonzalo appears very much to be alive and well and
playing them all and the generals as well.

>They hate each other in public, but not in private? Or are they
>suggesting that Gonzalez has managed to fool two opposing organisations
>into accepting his leadership in opposite directions from his prison

What this hate is can be seen as a traditional power fight over who rules
the party and what line will inherit the Gonzalo Mantel. However all wings
of the PCP have a complete bankrupt political program based on the stage
theory of revolution, pick up the gun rhetoric and making deals with one or
the other wings of the bourgeoisie.
>Each time I read any of this I get left with more questions. I am slowly
>working things out though, but I still intend to keep out of the
>denounciation game.

What questions Richard. My feeling is that you are still very much in
sympathy with Stalinists politics. To be more clear, the popular front, the
stage theory of revolution,
support to gerrilla warfare pick up the gun maoists like in Peru. Or am I
wrong and you and the "New Communist Party" have another position?

Please clarify Richard where you stand on events in Peru or in Latin America
in general. As a communist and Internationalist this can not be to difficult
to give the list some of your general thinking on the subject.

Don,t be so shy Richard. I mean if you think that what the Trotskyists are
writting about the various fractions of the PCP is "incredible" Aldolfo,s
slanders and complete inability to answer the Trotskyist,s is despicable.

Warm Regards
Bob Malecki

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