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>: Thanks for your note.
>: I think I'll wait a little time before posting on to other locations, too
>: this list a chance to have its say, and also to avoid having to debate
>: Malecki, who already wrote his comments about it all over marxism and

Well Plant this could have been avoided if i had not been banned from the
lists inception! I had said that i would obey all of the table manners but
would oppose banning people on the basis of political line.

So the stuff with my publishing answers to your liquidationist politics on
M1 and Usenet must be seen in the light of the way you banned people from
the very beginning from taking part in the discussion.

A clear political ban against certain individuals and groups! You brought
this stuff upon yourself in trying to keep people who will defend Trotskyism
off the "Unity" list.

Yes! By all means avoid my crtisisms! Your choice. But that is not the point
because their are lots of other people on the net that are very VERY
interested in what this discussion is about and i am quite sure reading
yours as well as others
documents and making up their own minds.

Stop the bans and open up the discussion on the TP and Troptskyism to all!

Bopb Malecki
>: But I agree with you about having some central reference point for
>: The list's own ftp is ok but its only for subscribers of course. I think
>an ftp
>: site is more efficient than a web page, and can certainly hold a lot more
>: material much less expensively.
>: How many parts of your material on RC have you posted. I think I have
>: one as a result of finding them all in different locations and deleting
>: quickly.
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