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>Robert Malecki wrote:
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>> I support this document. It is a very good description of the
>demise of the
>> PCP both in Peru and Internationally after the fall of the
>great leader
>> Gonzalo. And the stuff about keeping the halo of Gonzalo by all
>of the wings
>> of the PCP is just incredible while at the same time the great
>leader is
>> selling out to the generals!
>> Bob Malecki
>It seems rather incredible to me too.
>Are they suggesting some kind of conspiracy between two wings of
>They hate each other in public, but not in private? Or are they
>suggesting that Gonzalez has managed to fool two opposing
>into accepting his leadership in opposite directions from his
>Each time I read any of this I get left with more questions. I am
>working things out though, but I still intend to keep out of the
>denounciation game.
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In order that comrade Richard can see for himself that the Fujimori
regurgitations published by the Fujimori propaganda
machine disguised as "Left-wing" militants is nothing but
in line with what we had already predicted as far back as
last August 5, when commenting the New York Times story by
George Sims, we reproduce below this article in which we
had ALREADY warned the members of this list to precisely
this kind of counter-revolutionary mis-information campaign.

It is wrong to think of our denunciations as a "game".  These
are based on solid arguments in defence of the living revolution.

The actions of the Rodwell and maleckis and the eventual "re-appearance"
of the Palomino Bros was also predicted by us before it actually

The "Peace Agreement" fraud is a US IMPERIALIST fabricated
psychological warfare campaign, and is not a game, since it
is aimed at defeating the revolution.

What has been the Rodwell promoted Zubatov style campaign
in this list but the materialisation of what the US
imperialist mouthpieces had already announced as their
mis-information strategy back in August?

The Turkish comrades too have reported to this list a
similar campaign of slander against their leaders.

They rightly conclude from this camapign that the
reactionaries and the imperialists are desperate
due to the upsurge of the revolution and the great
sympathy that the revolutionary struggle of the
Turkish people is awakening among the progressive
people in the imperialist countries.

It is also the tremendous advances of the revolution
in Peru what generates these kind of desperate campaigns
in which enormous resources are mobilised in order
to smear people and confuse others.  It is the blows
of the People's War which generate this multiplication
of efforts.

There is nothing accidental in this. It is proof that
the revolution is alive and well.  Advancing and
delivering mortal blows against the reactionary state
of the ruling classes and the imperialist system itself.

Therein lies the secret of the "joint performance" by
the Palomino Brothers Agency (Quispe), the
Morenoist Trotskysts in this list, the Zubatovs of Poder
Obrero, the Fujimori Ministry of Foreign Relations (not Ministry of
Information, as the "PO" fleas - in order to sow more confussion -
allege:  In the records is the mailer I re-published and
it does clearly indicate the "Ministerio de Relaciones
Exteriores" (Ministry of FOREIGN RELATIONS) of the Fujimori
regime as its origen).

And here, to refresh the memory is what we said back
in August 5:


Sims continues spouting the US imperialist official line:

"With the capture of its central leaders in 1993, Shining Path
divided into two factions: one that heeded Guzman's call for
peace and another that continued the fight under the leadership
of Oscar Ramirez Duran, who was a top aide to Guzman and is
believed to be hiding out in the highlands along the Huallaga

Needless to say that this is also another falsehood the size of a
Cathedral. The Fujimori regime has long been spinning this
fairy-story and for that purpose the name of Mr. Ramirez Duran -
who no one has seen or heard of for years - has been bandied
around and given the flashy name of "Chairman Feliciano".
Supposedly, this "Chiarman Feliciano" was - at the last count -
"holed up in the deep jungle" with the last "80 fighters" left to
the "dead Shining Path".

It is a fact that the army and the police have organised groups
who go around shanty-towns and villages painting such absurd
slogans as "Long Live Chairman Feliciano".  The regime, in
another dis-information move, has also began printing a bogus
edition of El Diario (whose editor in Peru and abroad continues
to be Luis Arce Borja as we have - in honour to the truth and the
interests of the revolution - insisted is the case) and presented
it as "The New El Diario" in which this "Chairman Feliciano"
fairy-tale is spread too.  The kisspees in this list have in fact
repeated such malicious counter-intel-pro and anyone wishing to
check the record in this list can see for themselves.  That is
how capitulation and counter-intelligence work hand in hand to
divert the Peruvian revolution from the line of Chairman Gonzalo.
However, everyone familiar with the support movement abroad for
the Peruvian revolution knows that the PCP has but one Chairman,
and that is Chairman Gonzalo.  While he is in prison, the Party
is led by the Central Committee. Those are the facts.

Finally, SIMS concludes with a foretaste of an "alternative"
strategy for the Fujimori/CIA propaganda line:

"But terrorism experts said that contacts within the group
indicated that Shining Path has now splintered into numerous

In this, the "New Flag/Sol Rojo" concoction, unmasked as the work
of a handful of Yankee opportunists linked to the leaders of
Co-Rim and the crypto-Trotskyst Revolutionary Communist Party of
the USA is playing its role.  However, anyone dreaming that the
kisspees represent anything in Peru is only playing into the
hands of the US imperialists and their "alternative" story of
"splintering of the PCP into many factions".  This explains the
ridiculous lenght that such agent provocateurs are prepared to
go.  It is part and parcel of the class enemy's strategy to try
divert the Peruvian revolution from the road to victory.

And finally, more and "juicer" mis-information:

"The factions are being coordinated by a new group of leaders who
had been part of the Shining Path hierarchy during its infancy in
the 1970s but who had left the group after a dispute with Guzman
over the timing of his decision to take up arms in 1980".

Who do the US imperialists mean by this?  The Esparzas and the La
Torres, and the scab Maximiliano Duran Araujo.  Precisely the
"heroes" promoted by the kisspees in this (and the Peruvian)
lists while accussing Arce Borja and Committee Sol Peru of
"Stalinism" for "purging" such "nice gentlemen" who are now,
according to the imperialist press "coordinating the factions"!

Now in Peru we have a saying:  The fish dies by its own mouth.
US imperialist mis-information serves here to debunk the notion
spread by bogus leftists about the "defeat of the Shining Path".

In this connection, it is worth quoting from Comrade Adolfo
Olaechea's speech at the Peru Hearing in Belgium of 26/02/94.  As
those familiar with the International Movement in Solidarity with
the People's War in Peru that Hearing was organised by the
Belgian Party of Labour organisation for Anti-imperialist
solidarity.  The Belgian regime declared comrade Olaechea "a
Danger to Public Order"  and his entry into that country was
forbidden.  However, the speech was given in video format in a
Giant Television screen before a capacity crowd:

"However, on 12 September 1992, the reactionary regime arrested
Chairman Gonzalo.  It was a lucky stroke for the reactionary
regime and it marked the beginning of a second moment within the
strategic equilibrium.  It presented the revolutionaries with the
need to defend the life of the leader of the revolution.
Meanwhile, the reactionary regime tried to take maximum advantage
by attempting to repair and consolidate its dire situation.  The
first moment of the strategic equilibrium began in 1990; this
period lasted until the capture of Chairman Gonzalo in September
92.  Today, amid great to-and-fro tides, the contenders deal each
other the most destabilising blows.  In this situation the
revolution is proving its strategic superiority, learning more,
resisting more and overcoming its problems with greater ease. On
the other hand the regime is ever more compelled to rely upon
increasing dictatorship, more bullets, more fascism and more
blatant mass murder".

And characterising the question that "baffles" the "experts" and
the "commentators" like SIMS, comrade Olaechea continued:

"Principally, the regime seeks to make inroads in undermining the
unity of the PCP.  It aims to create division and drag the party
and the people along the road leading to the swamp of
negotiations. That is the rationale for the fraudulent "peace"
plot peddled by Fujimori:  The forged letters, videos and
photographs that featured in a campaign taken by the tyrant to
the United nations with his speech of October 1, 1993. From there
he went on to use, fraudulently and without success, the image of
Chairman Gonzalo in his attempt to butress his referendum and new

"On the other hand the imprisonment of Chairman Gonzalo has
served to prove beyond any doubt the capacity of the PCP to
continue to lead the People's War. It has displayed its ability
to follow and carry out the plans and teachings of its leader"

And finally:

"Each time the regime and its accomplices, the capitulators, have
tried to promote their phoney peace ploy, the revolutionaries and
people of Peru have responded with devastating actions.  These
actions have often left the regime with egg all over its face.
The capacity to cause damage and obtain certain temporary
benefits afforded to the regime by this plot has come to a dead
end.  In the immediate period ahead this will come more into
evidence.  Thus it will signal the start of the strategic
offensive of the Peruvian revolution.  Strategic offensive that
has the perspective of total victory, of the seizure of power in
the whole country and, soon, with the establishment of the
People's Republic of Peru"


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