"Anti-imperialism" Swedish imperialist style

Louis N Proyect lnp3 at columbia.edu
Sat Oct 12 05:31:08 MDT 1996

On Sat, 12 Oct 1996, Stuart Sheild wrote:
> I also live in Sweden, by the way. Which will of course amply justify
> anything you care to say about me in the future. Just for the record,
> though, I am not an exile - at least not in the political sense. Olaechea,
> Proyect and Gary have already drawn the inescapable conclusion that by
> favourably comparing the *quality* of Rodwell's contributions (irrespective
> of his political positions, which I have not commented on) with the
> consistently abysmal quality of Proyect's efforts I must necessarily be in
> cahoots with Rodwell and, by extension with Malecki - and if loopy Louis has
> his way - with the entire population of Sweden.

Louis: My only question is whether you, Martens, Malecki and Rodwell all
share an office. I can see it: water-cooler, time-clock, Xerox machine and
cubicles. Rodwell's cubicle has a tasteful Monet poster while Malecki has
a picture of bulldogs playing poker.

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