List operation : notes of a naive social-fascist liquidator gasbag

hariette spierings hariette at
Sat Oct 12 06:53:14 MDT 1996

>Lets get serious here. Lets have the Albert Hall, you'll need something that
>big just for your ego. We could hire the orchestra to play your irrational
>anthem "The band played believe it if you like".
>jplant at

The Albert Hall?  That is just a West End venue for chauvinistic bourgeois
Promenaders.  Lets go for the Michael Sobell Sports Arena in Seven Sisters
around where proletarian masses live and work - it holds just as many
people.  If you pay half of the promotion, we would pay the other, and it is
guaranteed that Turkish revolutionaries alone will fill the arena!

However, something tells me that you are trying to wriggle out already, Mr.
Plant - why so much modesty?  Why afraid to try to sell your Fujimori-New
York Times story directly to the masses and without the chorus of Fujimori
agents cheering you on in this list?

You challenged me with taunts of cowardice, and I have taken you up on your
own terms, and even gone one better.  Now you are leaving behind scurrilous
"Should I be run-over by the number 97 red bus, arrest Olaechea" postoumous
snitch notes to be used by the imperialist state organs for repression
against the revolutionaries.

But everyone - except the Fujimori agencies - can see that you are just
wriggling and slowly twisting in the wind.

In fact you are already blanching of real and unfeigned cowardice in this
list. Should you continue to wriggle out of your own proposed debate, you
better done your doc Martens and do not take them off even when taking a
shower.  You may never know when you will need them - fat lot of good they
will be for you, though.

But that you will come face to face with me and be asked to repeat your
taunt of cowardice against me when you least expect it, have no doubt at
all.  Sleep well.

Adolfo Olaechea

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