law of value and socialism

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Sat Oct 12 07:48:13 MDT 1996

Chris B gives examples of China and South Africa doing what is possible, in
his opinion:

>My argument with Gina was about the economic programme of the
>cultural revolution. The economic programme of the present
>regime, for all its flaws, looks strong economically from a Chinese
>nationalist point of view.
>It is very hard for the ANC in South Africa to buck the law of
>value world wide, and the present power of finance capital.

Listen, Chris, South Africa under Mandela and the ANC isn't even trying!!

Then he characterizes what the working class can hope for in this epoch:

>We are in a global agenda of reforms (whether those reforms are
>fought for with a revolutionary or a reformist spirit). If anyone
>knows an agenda for revolution that has not yet been stated, perhaps
>they can do so.
> ...
>I think major reforms are possible about a neo-Keynsian agenda
>for the world economy as a whole.

So. Another tired old rerun of New Deal and Welfare State policies. But
these were only possible as concessions to a revolutionary working class
with the treacherous collaboration of the Stalinist bureaucracy heading off
a directly revolutionary solution.

The Stalinist Soviet bloc has gone. The imperialist crisis is growing, and
class polarization is increasing week by week all over the world. And Chris
wants us to believe the time is ripe for another round of *reforms*!

>There should be a major push
>against finance capital and landed capital, and production of
>commodities should be brought under much more democratic,
>including environmentally responsible, control. I think we have
>to compromise for the time being about capital accumulation
>in the production of commodities, but that neo-Keysian initiatives
>on a global scale should be prioritised for those countries
>weak in capital and less advanced in the means of production,
>to try to even out unequal exchange. Transnational companies
>should come under a global tax and greater control. Some could
>be turned into global agencies accountable to the UN.
>None of this of course will happen without struggle.

Sheer utopianism.

And if struggle can achieve Chris's programme -- why stop there?



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