The Peruvian meeting -- Adolfo tries to wriggle out

Hugh Rodwell m-14970 at
Sat Oct 12 07:48:23 MDT 1996

Adolfo blustered, obviously trying to get out of the confrontation:

>>There are quite a few people in London who would love to see you blanch
>>in the
>>podium of the MAIN AUDITORIUM of Conway Hall.  In fact,  I'll pay the
>>difference between your puny offer of an 80 people hall and the main hall.
>>Let's make it international too.  Bring malecki along. I know a few thousand
>>Turkish friends here that want to ask him questions about his slanders
>>the martyred Turkish prisoners on hunger strike.  Maybe Rodwell, and even
>>"commander Quispe" would dare to come "under a guard of Huillcas, Ponces, and
>>Chiaras (without forgetting his "brave" MUTT D. and the rest of the Avakian

And JJ replied:

>Lets get serious here. Lets have the Albert Hall, you'll need something that
>big just for your ego. We could hire the orchestra to play your irrational
>anthem "The band played believe it if you like".

Please John, don't let this braggart off the hook!

He agreed to an open debate on neutral ground with speakers from both sides
and plenty of time to mobilize supporters.

Hold him to it! If an 80 room hall should prove too small, change it when
this is shown to be the case.

A lot of us are looking forward to the challenge.

Don't give Adolfo any chance of wriggling his way out of it.

By the way, making this challenge was an excellent idea. It turned his
bragging threats into an opportunity to bring the realities of the
situation in Peru to a wider audience of workers.

And a good example of the way our discussions on the Net can and should
spill over into the real class struggle outside.



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