The Peruvian meeting -- Adolfo tries to wriggle out

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Adolfo, I suspect you are just trying to waste my time here. But if that is not
the case, then let's try to nail down some arrangements.

1. I'll repeat my proposal for the small hall at Conway Hall. I am not
operating on behalf of any organisation and I don't intend to risk any cash on
anything larger as I am currently unemployed.

2. We will need to decide the title of the meeting, (I made a proposal about
'which road to the revolution', you prefered one which focused on murder) draft
the announcement and circulate it to the working class and revolutionary press.

3. I previously made proposals about the format, speakers etc. Do you object to
those or want to make any changes ?

4. We need a neutral chair who can be respected by speakers and audience alike.
I have no idea who would be acceptable to somebody from a maoist background,
maybe you can make some suggestions ?

5. If any of the above cannot be resolved through email then we will have to
tolerate an organisational meeting face to face on some neutral ground. I would
suggest a pub somewhere in Central London. Let me know if you think it is

6. I repeat Hugh's point, I will need a little time to prepare my materials for
such a debate, but I will certainly do it if I think you are being serious. As
you, and the list, well know, my contribution to the discussion was limited to
the Chiara murder and seeking to get some clear answer from you about it.
However, I will be able to marshall facts from Poder Obrero and the
Spartacists, and other sources in a little time. If we can quickly agree on the
organisational aspects I see no problem with a debate during November.

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