"Anti-imperialism" Swedish imperialist style

Doug Henwood dhenwood at panix.com
Sat Oct 12 09:56:18 MDT 1996

At 1:03 PM 10/12/96, Stuart Sheild wrote:

>You will no doubt say that having a useful
>discussion with Rodwell is impossible. If that is indeed what you think I
>suggest you take a good look at the archives.

Bingo, baby, and you too. Only I don't need to travel through the archives
to prove the point. I've lived through what?, maybe a year, of Rodwell's
drivel. Mantras, litanies, catechisms - the entire inventory of stock
(degenerated) Trot call and response nonsense. If that's politics, then I'm
Ru Paul.

Example: to Rodwell, Swedish SD's transformations of the labor market,
clearly one of the fundamental institutions of capitalism, count for
nothing. Ditto the virtual elimination of poverty and the admirably raised
status of women, not only in material terms, but in broadly social ones as
well. This all counts for nothing, because Sweden is a "good cop" in the
imperialist game. That must be why the South African secret police may have
killed Palme; he was too good a friend to them. And surely Rodwell's
monomaniacal mind can't get around anything that looks like a critical
appreciation of classic Swedish SD - it's beyond his monochromatic powers
of perception to see that one can admire parts of it, while acknowledging
the country's role in world capitalism. Being a (degenerated) Trot, he's
capable only of all or nothing views.

I still want to know why the principal morons on this list are posting from
Sweden, which from a distance has always seemed like a serious country.

Sheild, you're obviously as hopeless as Rodwell, though perhaps not as
arrogant. Welcome to my delete file.



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