Gerry Adams and Sinn Féin/IRA

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Sat Oct 12 10:40:46 MDT 1996

mattk at wrote:
> Richard Bos wrote:
> >As long as the British stay there the whole political scene is like a
> >distorting mirror, and the Irish people will have no chance to come to
> >terms with their differing traditions and can't begin to look at things
> >with a class perspective.
> You can't separate off the fight against the presence of British troops on
> this island with the struggle to unite Protestant and Catholics workers in
> common cause against capitalism. To do so is to leave the arena free for
> the likes of Gerry Adams and other nationalists. They have no answer for
> workers on this island other than more military struggle, interspersed with
> talks around the same table as Loyalist death squad leaders and the
> British.
> It is the struggle for socialism which will liberate this island of the
> British and the capitalist government of the 26 Counties. As for phrases
> such as the 'Irish people"; well I fight for the interests of the working
> people.

> Matt Kelly.
> Éirigh lasadh as an splanc seo

A chara,

It is great that we finally can have a decent discussion about Ireland.

I'm glad that you do fight for the interests of the working people Matt.
You are right, you can't separate the fight for true national liberation
>from the class struggle. The distorting mirror that I wrote about
obscures that from peoples vision.

I still think that, as a person living in the oppressor country, it
would be not looked upon kindly for me to tell the people who are doubly
oppressed because of their class and nationality how they should conduct
their struggle. The best act of solidarity I can make is to force the
British government to get out of Ireland. That helps our sisters and
brothers in Ireland, and weakens the ruling class here.

Of course it would be ideal if the liberation movement in Ireland was
led by Communists, but at the moment the reality is that it isn't.
Although I have met Sinn Feiners who are not far off! As Marxists we are
realists and not dreamers, so we make the most of what is possible. When
we achieve that, then there is another possible. No matter how strong
the Communists, and general level of class awareness is, or could be;
you still can't ignore the national question.


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