Keep a knockin' but you can't come in

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Sat Oct 12 20:29:00 MDT 1996

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> What a cowardly and bureaucratic act from you Plant.

How like Adolfo you sound !

You are not part of the Left Unity discussion on the TP, either in person or by
proxy. If you want to discuss the TP, find somebody willing to accept you. It
won't be Left Unity. You don't have anything to say in the discussion we are
holding. Save your energy and discuss with somebody who is interested in
hearing what you have to say.

Your opinion on the TP is so predictable as to be sub-robotic. Here is a model
of the Malecki algorithm.

        This is a sentence by Plant.
        BUT Trotsky was right, and ever shall be,world without end, amen,
        Loop back to start until no more sentences by Plant.

You don't think that history ended with the demolition of the Berlin Wall, you
think it ended with Trotsky. Trotsky would not have broken his stride to spit
on your fossilised 'brain' (or should that be AI ?).

For my own part I was sorry to lose Ben Burgis from the list, and I hope we can
bring him back in somehow. But he had been persuaded to take part in a silly
provocation against the list by reposting large volumes of Malecki spam after
the list members had made clear they did not want it. Members were
unsubscribing from the list because they were getting too much of your stuff
dumped in their mailboxes.  I posted my 'Malecki alert' to avoid what happened
to Burgis happening to anybody else.

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