PCP-SL: Who killed Chiara and Cantoral? Two opposite versions

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One issue that shows that "Red Flag" and "El Diario" have completely
different positions is in relation to how to deal with the rest of the left.

In the marxist-list it was possible to read how Olaechea or El Diario
Internacional reported that the PCP/SL killed for good reasons several
"fascists" and "agents" like Huillca, Chiara and Cantoral.

Nevertheless, for "The Red Flag", which claims to be the only representative
of the PCP/SL's Central Committee:

"Yes,  Saul Cantoral was an honest and brave leader of the Peruvian
proletariat. He and several others of the mining federation never opposed
 the revolutionary initiatives of the masses that in many cases were led by
the PCP. Public documents of the Party denounced the reactionary press
and the regime for falsely blaming the PCP and denied any involvement.
... The evidence showed that Fujimori-Montesinos
death squad "Grupo Colina" killed Santoral, Pedro Huillca (a corrupt
pro-Moscow leader), Castilla and others (it is likely that Chiara was also
a victim of one of the 3 death squads groups identified by Gen. Robles.)
The PCP always acknowledge publicly of his actions, proven
 enemies and blood suckes of the people are warned in advance (e.g., the
case of Moyano, Capt. Percovich, Col. Montes, death squad member Yukimoto,
etc.) All of them with debts of blood in their hands."

The allegation of "The Red Flag" is in *complete contradiction* with what El
Diario Internacional and "PCP/SL ambassador" Olaechea wrote. Who is telling
the truth?

On the question of Cantoral I have to recognise that I never see a public
statement of the PCP/SL defending that murder or condemning it.
Nevertheless, I saw PCP/SL's documents defending Huillca's murder which
happened as part of the same campaign of killing Maria Elena Moyano, etc. I
knew Chiara and all his relatives and friends claim that the PCP/SL killed

The murder of Moyano was a big mistake. Everybody which had been in a
important left-wing demonstrations knew Moyano. She was a member of the PUM
(a former far left Castroite party moving towards new reformism). She was
very popular in the biggest and most well organised shanty town in Lima.
She was a reformist who supported the state against the PCP/SL. We were also
their opponents. Nevertheless, we wanted to fight against her and Azcueta
and all the United Left using working class methods. We wanted to mobilise
the people and to unmask them in the struggle and in the rank and file
assemblies. Lenin destroyed the Mensheviks and SRs with those methods and
when they were not in power they always opposed any murder against members
of other left-wing tendencies. In the middle of the civil war the Bolsheviks
clashed with Anarchist and SRs armies.

The PCP/SL killings destroyed the workers democracy. The rank and file
became intimidated. The army took the opportunity to enter. Moyano was
transformed into a martyr. She is now more popular than when she was alive.

Every place in which the PCP/SL had those methods they STRENGTHENED the
reaction. San Marcos University, the centre of the student left for decades,
is now a military zone in which most of the students are against politics.
Villa El Salvador and Huaycan, former left bastions with strong PCP/SL
influence, are, like most of Lima's shanty towns, in favour of Fujimori.
Ayacucho, the epicenter of the PCP/SL, is now against the PCP/SL.

The PCP/SL supporters have to re-examine their positions and methods. They
should cease to slander everybody. They should be in favour of united front
actions in mass demonstrations. They should not give up their weapons to a
peace agreement or to continue in a militarist project that is condemn to
finish as part of a peace process. They should subordinate their weapons to
the decisions of workers and popular organisations and rank and file

"The Red Flag" wrote:
"Trots in Peru are so tiny (there are about 6 tendencies) and politically
irrelevant. Their prominent leader- (PST or PRT) have long capitulated.
Hugo Blanco ended up as a Congressman, now discredited in Peru as a fan of
the military, Fernandez is a  prominent
"businessman", Lucar (a real informant working in TV -Channel 4 Revista
Dominical, nailing in his program suspected PCP "terrorists"
That's the reality. We will follow up."

Hugo Blanco was never "a fan of the military".

He is discredited because he broke with trotskyism and decided to join the
left-reformist PUM and because he supported the United Left.

Fernandez was always an industrial worker. Today he lives in a very poor area
in Lima and survives, like many sacked workers, doing casual jobs. He is
not and was not a businessman.

Nicolas Luccar was the United Sceretariat's man in Peru until the mid-1980s.
He, like many former far left-wingers, broke with the left and today is a
class enemy and an anti-communist journalist and a "terrorist-hunter".

Trotskyists and non-trotskyists are very small in Peru. We were big 15 years
ago and we could recover that situation if we can overcome the centrist
mistakes (read our obituary on Villaran). There are *many more* Maoist

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