Ponce finished with Olaechea's slander machine

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I've been asked to forward this.




In all the debate that I had with Olaechea he never replied to a single
political question.

His only answer was to insult all his opponents, all the people which are
part of the Peruvian internet network (RCP) and all the workers and popular
organisations of Peru of being "fascists" and "CIA agents".

In Peru and in all the world, general strikes are the method of the
working class to fight for its own demands. In one of his last messages
Olaechea condemns all the general strikes. For him even the general strikes
against the bosses and the bourgeois regimes ... are fascist general

"No wonder your buddies of PO have spent 16 years of People's War trembling
under their Belaunde/Garcia/Fujimori "non-fascist" blankets while calling
for counter-revolutionary "General Strikes" meant as a tool to demobilise
the real struggles of the working class and the labouring people while
serving the fascist regime and the strategy of the CIA and the Peruvian
Military High Command!."

Olaechea accused Chiara, Cantoral and Huillca as "fascists" and "agents"
which deserved to be killed but another PCP/SL message said the opposite.

He denies the fact that Gonzalo and all the PCP/SL leadership in the jail plus
many important PCP-SL exiles are in favour of a peace agreement. He denies
the existence of the Peruvian working class (he wrote that 90% of the
Peruvians are unemployed). For him Peru is not a capitalist society but a
semi-feudal society like Europe two or three centuries ago. For him Peru
doesn't have a multi-party system but a fascist regime. For him everybody
are fascists from Fujimori to Clinton, Fidel Castro, Teng Hsiao Ping, the
Peruvian and international left, the Pruvian unions and general strikes,

For him there is a plot of one PCP-SL militarist faction plus small Poder
Obrero group and two union leaders killed years ago to impose TODAY a peace
agreement. (Read previous message).

For him everybody is an agent and deserves to be killed. He justified the
killing of members of all the left political currents which have
co-thinkers in this list. He even wrote very provocative lines against the
life of British and
US trade union leaders.

He threatened J. Plant with physical violence and he threatens all his
opponents in the list that he will use "the critique of the weapons"
against them.

In a recent message he wrote:

"the Zubatovs of Poder Obrero, the Fujimori Ministry of Foreign Relations
(not Ministry of Information, as the "PO" fleas - in order to sow more
confusion -allege:  In the records is the mailer I re-published and
it does clearly indicate the "Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores" (Ministry
of FOREIGN RELATIONS) of the Fujimori regime as its origen)".

Which are these proofs? He will never show them. He probably put a
different heading on one of our resolutions or he will like to say that all
the people that have a "amauta.rcp.pe" address are spies despite that this
the most common
internet server in Peru.

Olaechea could send everyday tens of e-mails. None of them have anything
valuable to say. He doesn't have any single capacity for having a high
political level. He can't reply to any of our arguments or the
document The Crisis in the PCP/SL.

Olaechea can say what he wants. He can lie that he was the great leader of
an non existent soviet in Lima (1963). When Revolutionary History asked for
proofs and for an article, he insulted this historical journal. He can write
nothing. But he can put any story in the internet.

I don't have any more time for him. He is not a serious person at all.

It is a waste of time to debate with such an ignorant charlatan.

Comrades from Poder Obrero, the LCMRCI (Liasion Committee of Militants for a
Revolutionary Communist International) and other people in this list asked
me to ignore the clown. I promise I will do that.

Last word, Olaechea is accusing everybody else to be member of some
intelligence service. The real thing is that he is one of the few people
which doesn't give any service to his own intelligence.

J. Ponce

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