Gerry Adams and Sinn Féin/IRA

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Sat Oct 12 15:50:37 MDT 1996

Richard B wrote:

>I'm glad that you do fight for the interests of the working people Matt.
>You are right, you can't separate the fight for true national liberation
>from the class struggle. The distorting mirror that I wrote about
>obscures that from peoples vision.

This is the Theory of Permanent Revolution. The need for a socialist
revolution (class struggle) to achieve true national liberation in an epoch
when no bourgeois or petty bourgeois masses are going to lead any such
struggle. (Small guerrilla substitutionist groups with a petty bourgeois
ideology are a different matter.)

>I still think that, as a person living in the oppressor country, it
>would be not looked upon kindly for me to tell the people who are doubly
>oppressed because of their class and nationality how they should conduct
>their struggle.

If you were organized in an international party there would be no
contradiction here. Your participation in discussions and your advice would
be sought and welcomed.

>The best act of solidarity I can make is to force the
>British government to get out of Ireland. That helps our sisters and
>brothers in Ireland, and weakens the ruling class here.

That's next best. The best would be to force the imperialist ruling class
to get out of Britain itself.

>Of course it would be ideal if the liberation movement in Ireland was
>led by Communists, but at the moment the reality is that it isn't.
>Although I have met Sinn Feiners who are not far off! As Marxists we are
>realists and not dreamers, so we make the most of what is possible. When
>we achieve that, then there is another possible. No matter how strong
>the Communists, and general level of class awareness is, or could be;
>you still can't ignore the national question.

You're right about the national question being central, but the thrust of
your point is imprecise. The stronger the revolutionary socialists and the
higher the level of class consciousness, the easier it becomes to put
forward *real* solutions to the national question, such as creating a
Socialist Federation of Ireland, Scotland, Wales and Britain on the basis
of revolutionary workers' power in these countries.



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