What is Poder Obrero ?

Robert Malecki malecki at algonet.se
Sat Oct 12 23:44:18 MDT 1996

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>>Ah, yes, split today, for greater power tomorrow? No doubt Poder Obrero
>will split, and become even more powerful as a result.
>And your conclusion Doug ? Your formula, with miracle wonder ingredient, for
>dealing with disagreements that put you in harsh dispute with former or
>potential allies ? And please show by example how you apply it in the Malecki
>instance ?

Mr. Plant is looking for advice from the liberal who licks the boots of the
yellow journalist Proyect. Unprincipled blocks with the likes of Proyect and
Doug by Plant the liqiudater are dispicable and should be condemeed by any
thinking communist.

Bob Malecki

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