Stell cell and labelling Louis Godena as "Senderista"

Hugh Rodwell m-14970 at
Sat Oct 12 17:15:09 MDT 1996

Adolfo makes a big thing out of the comment:

>"El pata ES SENDERISTA"  (This buddy (Godena) is a Shining Path supporter).

Of course, we all know that Louis G is nothing of the kind.

He does not and has never supported the Shining Path, its agents or activities.

He has never stuck up for Adolfo either.

So how could anybody ever imagine anything of the kind?

Perhaps Adolfo is trying to say that people should be more careful about
the accusations they make about other people. They should consider the
effects such accusations might have. They should consider their own
credibility if they are seen to constantly throw very serious accusations
around with no proof at all to back the accusations.

On the other hand, perhaps not.

Louis G supports Adolfo (who knows where the PCP-SL is to support?).

And Adolfo lies, slanders and foams at the mouth, and will continue for as
long as he has the breath to do so.



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