Gerry Adams and Sinn Féin/IRA

Robert Malecki malecki at
Sat Oct 12 23:44:02 MDT 1996

>Richard Bos wrote:
>>As long as the British stay there the whole political scene is like a
>>distorting mirror, and the Irish people will have no chance to come to
>>terms with their differing traditions and can't begin to look at things
>>with a class perspective.
>You can't separate off the fight against the presence of British troops on
>this island with the struggle to unite Protestant and Catholics workers in
>common cause against capitalism. To do so is to leave the arena free for
>the likes of Gerry Adams and other nationalists. They have no answer for
>workers on this island other than more military struggle, interspersed with
>talks around the same table as Loyalist death squad leaders and the
>It is the struggle for socialism which will liberate this island of the
>British and the capitalist government of the 26 Counties. As for phrases
>such as the 'Irish people"; well I fight for the interests of the working
>Adam Rose wrote:
>>If socialists in Nothern Ireland are unable to find a way to
>>bridge the gap between Catholic and Protestant workers, while
>>at the same time opposing the state which oppresses Catholics,
>>there can be no solution in Ireland, ever. In order to do this,
>>they must make no concessions to nationalist politics, which have
>>been shown to be a complete dead end for Catholic workers.
>>A good example of this is the Irish Socialist Workers Party's
>>involvement in the recent defence of Derry against the Orange
>>Order, where there was a significant trade union presence on
>>the marches and "road blockings".
>And what kind of opposition to the British presence has Socialist Worker
>made during the 'peace process'. Your English organisation refused to call
>for the withdrawal of British troops when they were introduced by a Labour
>Government which your supporters voted for - instead you said that they
>would provide a 'breathing space'. Tell that to the Catholics of West
>Your organisation doesn't call for the immediate withdrawal  of British
>troops to this day - an elementary demand for a Marxist who understands
>that whatever the problems in the north, the British aren't going to
>provide an answer.
>Adam D wrote:
>>Well, they are, and then again, not quite -- right?  Are you saying that
>>there is no overlap, or just coincidental overlap, between the leadership
>>of Sinn Fein and the IRA?  Are you saying that these organizations
>>are completely unrelated?  That seems rather farfetched.
>Adams represents a wing of IRA/Sinn F=E9in which is suffering from
>war-weariness. They believe that they can come to some form of
>accommodation with the British and Protestants. There is a real chance that
>there might be a real split in the Republican movement in the near future.
>The main point for Marxists, however, is that no matter how defensible
>their actions against the military barracks in Lisburn, they have no
>solution other than some form of accommodation with the imperialist rulers.
>Matt Kelly.

Nice letter Matt! You are right on line!

Bob malecki

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