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Sat Oct 12 23:44:09 MDT 1996

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>> What a cowardly and bureaucratic act from you Plant.

J.Plant writes;
>How like Adolfo you sound !

The above is so funny! Here is what you wrote to the unity list about this
stuff, probably at the same time you wrote the above!

: From: Jj Plant <jplant at>
: To: left-unity at jefferson.village.Virginia.EDU
: Subject: Thinking about the TP
: Date: 13 October 1996 01:00
: I have forwarded my document to marxchat, since many of the subscribers
: will have seen the mutilated version which was created and spammed all
over the
: net by a person of malicious intent. A member of LUL forwarded my
document to
: this person of malicious intent with the intention of destroying the
: of comradely discussion we set this list up for. Whoever you are, please
: that I consider you to be afflicted with a spiritual syphilis.
: _________________________________
: jplant at

Now now be honest Mr. Plant! Who is acting and sounding like Aldolfo?
Instead of answering me politically you use bans and name calling instead of
and open discussion.

>You are not part of the Left Unity discussion on the TP, either in person
or by
>proxy. If you want to discuss the TP, find somebody willing to accept you. It
>won't be Left Unity. You don't have anything to say in the discussion we are
>holding. Save your energy and discuss with somebody who is interested in
>hearing what you have to say.

No Plant I am not Aldofo and i certainly not on left "Unity". You very well
know that it was not i that used bans, exclusions, expulsions and special
rules to create the unity list. That is how the Stalinists work, not

The only reason i don,t have anything to say is because i was banned from
the beginning of the unity list. Because the liquidaters do not want a
serious discussion on Trotskyism, especially from the left.
>Your opinion on the TP is so predictable as to be sub-robotic. Here is a model
>of the Malecki algorithm.
>        This is a sentence by Plant.
>        BUT Trotsky was right, and ever shall be,world without end, amen,
>        Loop back to start until no more sentences by Plant.
>You don't think that history ended with the demolition of the Berlin Wall, you
>think it ended with Trotsky. Trotsky would not have broken his stride to spit
>on your fossilised 'brain' (or should that be AI ?).

Notice that instead of and answer to my serious opposition to Plant's
liquidation of the TP as i see it, he turns to bible thumping slander. Too
bad because i thought you were more intelligent then that. I think your big
problem Plant is that you are letting personal feelings effect your
political common sense! If you had acted in the way you have acted to the
Aldolfo provacation against the PO comrades in regards to the Unity list
their would not be a problem. To bad that on M1 regarding Aldolfo you act in
a very principled way and should be defended and then as moderater of the
"Unity" list you are acting like a bureaucrat who will do anything to stifle
a serious discussion against certain "Trotskyists" and other political trends!
>For my own part I was sorry to lose Ben Burgis from the list, and I hope we
>bring him back in somehow. But he had been persuaded to take part in a silly
>provocation against the list by reposting large volumes of Malecki spam after
>the list members had made clear they did not want it. Members were
>unsubscribing from the list because they were getting too much of your stuff
>dumped in their mailboxes.  I posted my 'Malecki alert' to avoid what happened
>to Burgis happening to anybody else.

Glad to hear that you are thinking about lifting the ban on Ben B. His only
crime was to defend workers democracy and the obvious attempt by the
moderaters on Unity to ban and exclude people from the beginning of its
existence. In fact you are defending a unjust and unprincipled combination
which makes you my friend act and sound like Stalinism in practice! But i
would never go so far to say that the moderaters are Adolfo Stalinists. That
would be a crime. They are liquidaters of Trotskyism and fear most the
critisism of those who have not given up on Trotsky and his program.

And like the Spartacists who have a long record of that opposition to
Pabloite liquidationism and this opposition will not be stopped by
bureaucratic bans or name calling. You can keep me out at the door but i
will cerainly try to climb through the window. Because it is very important
that the liquidater "unity" mongerers are combatted politically when they
try to liquidate Trotskyism. That is what you fear most of all in your
attempts to build a new 9 and 1/2 International.

Stop the ban!

Forward to the creation of Trotskyist parties everywhere.

Towards a new and reforged Communist International.

Bob Malecki

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