Adolfo copping out of the Peru debate

Hugh Rodwell m-14970 at
Sun Oct 13 04:44:34 MDT 1996

More appalling bluster and slime from Adolfo:

>What about a "poll" in Conway Hall, or in a workers rally, Rodwell?  It is
>not the number of accounts that the Fujimori regime can hire in this list to
>spread his manure that matters.  It is what the living and real masses would
>to to jerks like you once they are made aware of their agent provocateur and
>wind-bag for hire nature at the service of the counter-revolution.
>That would give you a good measure of the real state of conscious working
>class public opinion, and face you with the reality of your political
>bankruptcy.  Debate with spivs like you is already useless.  Criticism of a
>more direct kind is what we challenge you to face up to now! Up until the
>moment you can summon the courage to face it, and since you continue to
>slander the revolution, I am perfectly justified to call you an Orwellian
>snitch as much as I like, you sanctimonious little Lord Flaunteroy of the
>aristocracy of Labour!.
>Are you now, like that other "working class hero" J. Plant, also leave a "in
>case I should be run over by the number 75 red bus - arrest Adolfo" kind of
>postumous snitch note behind?

Nothing justifies the disgraceful cynicism and lightheadedness with which
Adolfo accuses everybody who disagrees with him of being agents in the pay
of the class enemy. His methods are rotten to the core.

JJ didn't challenge Adolfo to a Hell's Angels shootout, he challenged him
to a public debate on the situation in Peru. Adolfo is not responding
seriously to the challenge. He is chickening out of a public debate.

He threatened to put an icepick through my skull a few weeks back, and then
claimed this was a joke. Well, the joke and the joker are on record.

Worse than Adolfo's ravings, however, is the silent complicity of too many
subscribers on the list. Not to mention the open support he gets from some
quarters that claim to have a serious relationship to Marxism and the
scientific study of society in its economic and historical development.



PS The infantile mailbombing by Jay Miles at detcom, who obviously has
connection money to burn, is an example of the methods of argument resorted
to by these cornered rats.

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