law of value vs. socialism

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Sun Oct 13 01:02:58 MDT 1996

dear chris burford,

you are correct in your implication that tha law of value is certainly operative
in China and has been so a long time. By the way this is  a key marxist proof
that China is capitalist and the 'CCP" regime has nothing to do with building
any socialism.

But you are well off base on the ANC regime , it too is capitalist through and
through , and the IMF, world bank  and The SA nat'l. bougeois (white and even
black) are  doing quite well for themselves there  , thank you.
The law of value and capitalist state order makes sure most  the workers work
harder and will get payed less.

 Chris, it makes a big difference on whether one seeks reforms in a "
revolutionary  or a reformist  spirit".
The nature of the capitalists crisis (esp. in the peripheries)  in this age
means that even "reforms"
have to be a byproduct of mass social  struggle that goes outside bourgeois law
and oder and bourgeois democracy (plutocracy) as well.
Building the new  mass movements out of the current wreckage is a key taks that
marxist want to be an integral part of.

Yes, the rich use consumerism to waste the workers time and numb their minds.
but the "market' of capital  and state power also gives the rulers the technical
means to bombard the workers with capitalist  ideology. And political support
for continuing capitals accumulation only strenghtens the ability of the
bourgeois class to forge bigger chains around the useful producers and

Yes, Keynesianism is practically dead. its "reformism" was in fact not bourgeois
philanthropy but a needed response ot the mass struggles of the 30s and the post
WW2 period for stabilization. WW2 itself played a big part of that for capitals
present accumulation cycle .

Today in fact the post WW2 accumulation cycle is slowing  down overall, still
growing in some industries.
The capitalist crisis is hence growing and that is pushing the rulers and the
national states to attack the social safety net of reforms  won thru struggle
and phase them out and reduce them., this will make the nat'l bourgeois more
profits and make for much  bigger competition which will in the end lead to more
bigger wars than exist now, also more pauperization of the workers in most

You seem to imply that wealth redistribution on a massive scale (even
internationally!!) can be done by the EXIXTING STATES
and ruling classes. Chris , this is a mirage. Reforms won today in struggle
cannot last very long .
The economy of imperialism is too tenuous now with the competition for market
share and max. profits GROWING
If the transnationals capital is the largest , then  THEY  are bound to control
the nat'l states policy of states capital flow. Economic monopoly and finance
grows political/military  hegemony in the state (liberal
 tory, clerical , or fascist) as well.
THe UN is also a tool for the intrigrues and hegemonic nature  of the dominant
powers, a veritable imperialist den of theives , of, by and for  the dominant
capitals with the nationalist hangers- on in the less developed capitals allowed
a few morsels from the masters stolen booty, and a rostrum to blow off a little
steam every week..

Workers need their own new organizations, political and industrial to agitalte
and organize in the class to raise the day to day battles to bigger heights,
solidify the class combativity and encourage the initiave of the workers
themselves  to fight their own liberation , In doing this the  rich rulers are
bound to try to dole out a few reforms.
And don't get me  wrong, we'll take all  the loaves of bread  thrown our way ,
but the goal is to take the WHOLE bakery!.
Then we can construct a society with production for human needs , not sale and
profit--and no more law of value. Eventual goal is  FREE ACCESS!


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