Detcom mailbombing

Rolf Martens rolf.martens at
Sun Oct 13 03:24:44 MDT 1996

J. Plant and Bob Malecki wrote:

( J. Plant:)
>>In-Reply-To: <v01540b03ae85bcb8a46f@[]>
>>Tonight I received from Detcom, which I believe is a PCP-SL front, a mailbomb
>>attack, which disrupted my mail service. Their mail consisted of large
>>of .GIF files, copied to Hugh Rodwell, Malecki and another address. Half of

>>If anybody that I consider to be connected with PCP-SL repeats this kind of
>>attack on my right to send and receive email, I shall immediately seek
>>disconnection of everybody who has written anything in their support in the
>>recent dispute, as well as their expulsion from every mailing list that I
>>they are subscribed to.
>>You senderistas really are the most pathetic and wretched scum that ever
>>out of the anus of history.

(Bob Malecki:)
>This is not the first time that Detcom has done some very serious
>provacations usually connected with any fights with Aldolfo calling them
>fascists and agents of Fujimora.
>Detcom did this kind of stuff first against Quispe and the Red Flag people.

>With Malecki a while back Detcom theatened to publish pictures of Malecki
>all over the net.
>Now Detcom is openly sabotaging a new opponent of Aldolfo --Mr Plant.
>I suggest that everone on the list make a declaration that such acts by
>Detcom will not be tolerated and that if they continue they and the people
>responsible will go off the lists.
>It is not once or twice but a general practice set into effect here by
>Detcom and i have no doubt what so ever that the orders come from London!
>Plant just as Quispe and the red flag people and Malecki before him should
>be defended against the *real* Internet jackboot politics of Aldolfo and his
>lacky in Detroit. It is viscious and extremely dangerous cop like activity
>and provacations against Plant and others. This kind of stuff should not be
>tolerated on any list.

I sincerely hope that my Detcom comrades have *not* been engaging
in such mailbombing as they're accused of here. I on my part
distance myself from such any activities. Even against such people
as Mr. Plant, whom I consider to belong among "the most pathetic and
wretched scum that ever oozed out of the anus of history" as he so
nicely puts it - he belongs in the NAJIBULLSHIT made up by a number
of writers to this list, in fact - or the US imperialist agent "Quispe"
and his supporters, such actions are not justified.  The Detcom
comrades have done well in contributing to the complete exposure of the
latter. Bob Malecki cannot justly complain about their activities
in that connection or about certain other criticisms against
himself, for he was one of those who att he time staunchly
*supported* that agent.

Rolf M.

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