Detcom mailbombing

Richard Bos Richard.Bos at
Sun Oct 13 06:32:31 MDT 1996

I do not approve of mailbombing in any shape or form.

You are trying to take a moral high ground on this Robert, but are you
really justified in that?

Only recently you mailbombed this list with your book. You have been
doing the same for weeks in your dispute this the left-unity list. The
subsribers to this list could have looked at your site if they wanted to
see your book, but you did not give them the choice. The overwhelming
majority of this list have not joined the left-unity list. If they were
interested in the "Transitional Programme", they would discuss it on
this list, but no-one has.

However badly others misbehave, it cannot be used to justify your own

Robert Malecki wrote:
> It is not once or twice but a general practice set into effect here by
> Detcom and i have no doubt what so ever that the orders come from >London!

As you are in no doubt; you must have some evidence. So name some names.

Robert Malecki wrote:
> I suggest that everone on the list make a declaration that such acts by
> Detcom will not be tolerated and that if they continue they and the >people responsible will go off the lists.

I'll make that declaration, but I think that it is going too far to make
everyone do it. Does this mean that you are a reformed character, or do
you think that this rule should not apply to you?


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