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Sun Oct 13 08:05:35 MDT 1996

Stuart S speaks his mind and immediately gets a going-over from the
Three-Headed Guardian at the gates of Stalin's inner sanctum. The concerted
frenzy of character assassination directed Stuart's way gives yet more
credence to Vladimir's characterization of them as a Rotten Bloc.

Louis P and Doug H are vacuous in content as usual. Not much to say there.

But Adolfo reached for his Kalashnikov:

>>The opinion of this twit is absolutely of no importance, since it only
>>boils down to >assertions and is incapable to expalin the coincidence
>>between the admitted policy of >the Peruvian Military High Command and the
>>actions of Rodwell-Poder-Obrero- >Quispe and malecki in this list.
>>That is where a good marxist shows his mettle.  Explain this glaring
>>"contradiction" which shows itself in CONCRETE FACTS WITHIN A CONCRETE
>>SITUATION, and then all your boasting and belittling of Louis Proyect's
>>Marxist credentials may be considered as something different but a fit of
>>pique on your part, no different in character of that of any one else.

Stuart replied:

>I for one was not aware that the MHC had the policy of encouraging
>independent workers' organisation in unions, workers' councils and workers'
>militias - when the time is right.  Nor that the MHC was in favour of
>disarming the generals and higher officers, of placing the army under the
>political control of the organs of power of the proletariat or of
>encouraging soldiers to turn their arms against their own reactionary
>Since when has the MHC justified its anti-terrorist line with the argument
>that terrorism weakens mobilisation of the working class around a
>revolutionary socialist programme. Or that it gives the repressive forces an
>excuse to crack down even harder. Or that it decimates the ranks of
>revolutionary cadres?
>Similarly, since when has the MHC advocated the building of revolutionary
>strongholds in urban, working class centres, or encouraging political
>strikes, or general strikes with the ultimate aim of taking power. Or
>factory and workplace occupations, or creating organs of dual power against
>the machinery of the bourgeois state?
>And, of course, the MHC uses its firepower to back poor peasants and
>landless rural poor in their struggles against the big landowners. Or to
>chase government goons out of town. Or to protect socialist and
>revolutionary democratic fighters from threats to their security or
>agitational activities.
>Not a whole lot of coincidences, I'm afraid.

Looks like Adolfo just shot himself in the foot -- again.

Nice job, Stuart! Welcome to the Marxism bit of marxism-list.



>P.S. Thanks for the professorship. I must unfortunately decline the honour
>as I believe one is first required to attend university.

In Adolfo's world, the requirements are:

political differences

full stops and capital letters

the suspicion of an intellectual edge

As you've noticed, he's almost as free with his honorary professorships as
with his CIA and MI6 spyships.

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