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COCKROACH, a zine for poor and workingclass people
1. Report from Australia!

2. The Ghost of Stalin!

3. Turmoil in the Swedish CP! (Euro-Communist)


Report from Australia!

This subject is always good for my pessimism. When ever it looks like
weakening I just have to contemplate the state of the Left in Australia.
What then is happening?  The retreat of the Union leadership in front of a
carefully orchestrated media backlash at  the union demonstration outside
Parliament has had a disastrous effect.  It has strengthened the ruling
class. The government is now  anxious to go  on the offensive.  How sharp
will the attacks be?  Within Socialist Alternative there seems to be the
view that the attacks will not be too great because the state of the economy
does not warrant it.  I think that this is a bit vulgar marxist and too
economistic for me.  I believe that the ruling class can go for broke with
this conservative government and then fall back on Labor if there is
sufficient trouble.

Meanwhile Labor is traveling very badly.  They do not pose any alternatives
and it is not long enough  since they were  in power for people to forget
that they are no different to the Liberals (tories) and to accumulate
illusions that they represent an alternative to capitalism.

Outside the ruling parties  the racist  independent Pauline Hanso made her
maiden speech. This has apparently attracted more interest than any other
speech since the days of WW2!  Why so?  well not only is it because of her
scandalous racism but also because in these days of swirling resentment hers
seems to be the voice that offers solutions.  She is a small shop keeper.
Fish and Chips actually and she  represents a working-class tractional Labor
seat.  She marks the extent to which petty bourgeois attitudes have
colonized the working-class here.  Hers is perhaps the voice of
proto-fascism.  She attacks aboriginal welfare and Asian immigration. she
also proposes tariffs to protect Australian industries.

This is a crazy mixture  but it comforts people with a vision of a return to
the glory days of the fifties when there was Imperial preferences, Whites
only immigration policy and women and gays and blacks knew where they belonged.

Hanson then has elements of a traditional conservative program.  She has
been praised by some post-traditional conservatives but the latter surely
must be doing that out of sheer opportunism.  The Right inside the Labor
Party has been using her success to role back  commitment to the rights of
gays, women, blacks etc.

So we have a vicious cycle in place here.  What can break it and constitute
in its stead a virtuous cycle?   Well the answer is a bit mantraish but it
is no less true for all that.  The workers must organize at a rank and file
level and begin the process of resistance.  Is there any sign of this
happening.  I do not think so but I could  be wrong.


The Ghost of Stalin!

Or, I'll might be the Christmas Bunny too, Bilenkin?  Or you a "closet
Stalinist of the fallen angel variety"?  Why speculate and fail to grasp the
evident fact that it is not a question of who was the "better Marxist", but
how does the proletariat - the actually existing and fighting proletariat -
which TODAY, is
to say the revolutionary proletariat in countries such as Peru, mexico,
Philippines, Turkey and Russia too perceives its history, its leaders and
the true and faithful defenders of its cause.  There is whre Stalin - and
Mao - hold sway, why Trotsky is the darling of the petty bourgeois
intellectuals, and that fact will never be changed!

I think that Stalin was a great Marxist-Leninist and a very faithful
disciple of Lenin and Marx at that.  And further more, I think that the
historical record - seen from the standpoint of the proletariat - bears this
out every day the better.


Stalin was a renegade to all things involving Marx or Lenin. His politics
broke sharply with the traditions and policies of the Bolshevik party and
the first four congresses of the Third International. His politics along
with the Anarchists led to the defeat in Spain. In Germany he was
responsible for the victory of facism. And as of late the politics of the
Stalinist bureaucracy has led to the reintegration of half of Europe into
the imperialist block. And in Russia a bougeois counter revolution which
destroyed the Soviet Union.

Now that is what i call a real track record to your hero Stalin Aldolfo.

Instead of learning anything about the politics of Stain and Mao the PCP and
are heading down the same road to disaster for the Peruvian proletariat. In
they are becoming martyrs in and outside of the prisons. If not supporting
one side or the other (Iran or Iraq) Kurdish organisations who are presently
killing each other
where one side is calling on the Americans to bomb the Kurds and the other
is calling on Saddam to bomb the Kurds. Another disaster.

Finally the mini Red Front which you call the WMC and have finall y put in
the water under the protests of some of its supporter. This also is a
disaster for the Peruvian Proletariat.

But don,t give up hope. Louis P. is soft on you. But i doubt if he will join
the WMC.
He is to busy chasing the ghost of Tariq Ali!

Warm Regards
Bob Malecki

There cannot be any existing fighting proletariat without its history from
which it draws its hate and love, cunning, courage, confidence, and wisdom.
Without the knowledge of its history the proletariat cannot struggle.
The subject of this knowledge is the class itself.

No one can deny that Trotsky and Stalin or rather what stands behind these names
make important part of this history.
No one can deny that it is therefore also important how the international
proletariat PERCEIVES this part of its history. Important, because perception
is not necessarily TRUTH, KNOWLEDGE. More often it is the opposite. You
need the proletariat who only perceives what has been conveniently displayed
for its view by the literary representatives of its bankrupt shepherds.  We
need the proletariat who is capable of ruthless criticism of its history so
that the next time it makes its critique by arms the proletariat will be
in full possession of its historical experience. So why trivialize this
crucial problem as >a question of who was the "better Marxist"?

The standpoint of the proletariat is what the proletariat recognizes
as its own, like that God who looked at his creation and said: This is good.
In the end, the workers of the world did not recognize the state created
by Stalin as their own.  Above all, the Soviet workers did not. This is
why when the rotten structure was pushed a bit by Stalin's grandchildren
(Oh yes, Adolfo, the children of the "true Gonzaloists" will also become
anti-stalinists) Soviet workers did not move a finger to defend it!  And you
know what they did in those "momentous" August days? They stayed home and
watched Santa Barbara, a Mexican, mind you, not American soup opera. Not with
a bang..., as they say. But, perhaps, Soviet workers were simply confident that
ten or so millions of rank and file party members - many of whom remained
"true stalinists" - would defend the "workers state" against the bunch of
pathetic counterrevolutionaries?  Alas! not a single one ran, Browning in hand,
to the factories, proudly calling: To Barricades! Socialist Fatherland
in Danger! (Did you see those movies? Inspiring, eh?). Yes, not a single one!
That's a fact. And Lenin used to say that facts are stubborn things.
Thought, true, not a few of them prefered to pack it in rather than to see
the end of the story. But this is not what we would call our "standpoint,"
wouldn't we? So why not to take a break from the Talmudic vigils over the
ten volumes of the Greatest Marxist on earth, and to think on your own
over the latest update of our historical experience? Peruvian workers need
to know the history of their class too. They want to avoid the tragedy of
their brothers.

Vladimir B.
Turmoil in the Swedish CP! (Euro-Communist)

Something is going on in the former Swedish Communist Party.(Euro-Communist)

In my articles on the Swedish CP recently i said that they were making a
turn to the right in changing their name and program to include feminism and
the envionmental activists in the Greens in their future plans. But also to
become the reformist Social democracy that the Social Democrats once were
during the late 60ties and early 70ties. As the Social Democrats leap into
the arms of the bougeois parties.

The CP party leadership (based in Stockholm) and the south of Sweden are
trying not unlike the Mandelite USec to build a broad "left" current based
on the politics of the new left and the traditionalists and back to the good
old days of Social Democracy.

However a "left" opposition is developing up here in the north of Sweden.
The north of Sweden has historically always been both the proletarian and
red belt of both the Social democracy and the Swedish CP.

As the militant voices of protests from the workers up here in the north
begin to grow louder and louder especially among the mine workers and
building trades the pressure on the CP cadre up here in the north is growing.

It is partially anti Stockholm and anti-southern Sweden feelings that run
through the workers movement up here. Partially because all of the base
industries are in the north (mines, electricity, papper and forestry
industries) and all of the profits and decisions are down South in the
capitol of Stockholm. On the other hand it is the proletarian bastions of
both the Social Democracy and the Swedish CP that are being hit the hardest
by the cuts in just about everything. And the workers are starting to not
only grumble, but are getting very very angry!

Thus the Northern districts of the Swedish CP have come out in and open
fight about the right turn of the Swedish CP against the central party
bodies in the south. It is also centered around how many places in the
governing party bodies that the representatives from the north recieved at
the recent Congress. In fact 1 position on the central apparatus. While at
the same time they represent both the historical proletarian base and
natural left wing of the party. And in fact have some of the largest
sections of the party in the country!

Now they say that they are preparing a program in opposition to the right
wing politics of the CP leadership in Stockholm who are completely
capitulating to the Social Democracy in order to gain bougeois
respectability and cover their pro Stalinist past. Naturally this coming
>from the Euro Communists CP means that they want to sound a little more to
the left because they are feeling the pressure of the proletarian rage that
is growing up here.

As to how this will develop we will have to wait and see. The same process
is takling place in the Social democracy up here.

Naturally a Trotskyist party of anyworth would intervene in this new and
developing situation in order to win the best cadre to a vanguard party and
program for revolution. Perhaps the possibility of a short term entry could
arise or cooperation on a program of struggle against the cuts and
unemployment. In fact a tactical electoral alliance could be possible under
the conditions of being very clear that any such electoral program is not
nearly enough to solve the crisis but....

However at this point it is unclear as to how this all will evolve.
Partially because their is no Trotskyist party in this country. We have two
"trotskyist" groups of any size here. A Mandelite Usec group. And a militant
group. Both are unfortunately completely incapable of seeing or doing
anything other then perhaps building a rotten electoral block on a minumum
program at best. Both of these groups have given up on the politics of
Trotsky and the TP as being outdated. In fact they are just tailing the
backwardness of the workers long dominated by Social Democratic and
Stalinist politics.

Unless a Trotskyist cadre develops here who are prepared to fight around the
politics of the LO and TP in the present turmoil on the left, a great
opportunity if not the best since the Stalinists ursurped the October
Revolution will be missed, thus
opening the door to a *real* revolutionary Trotskyist party here in Sweden
or a whole new round of defeats for the workers movement.

Forward to a Trotskyist Party in Sweden.

Forward to the creation of Trotskyist Parties everywhere.

Towards a new and reforged Communist International.

Bob Malecki

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Read the book! Ha Ha Ha McNamara,
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COCKROACH, a zine for poor and workingclass people


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