Hinrich K on his high horse

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Sun Oct 13 07:26:04 MDT 1996

>At 11:44 13.10.96 +0100, m-14970 at mailbox.swipnet.se (Hugh Rodwell) wrote:
>>Worse than Adolfo's ravings, however, is the silent complicity of too many
>>subscribers on the list. Not to mention the open support he gets from some
>>quarters that claim to have a serious relationship to Marxism and the
>>scientific study of society in its economic and historical development.
>On principle I do not communicate with any person who nowadays calls a
>single person or whole parts of socialist or democratic parties/movements
>I assume that lurkers and semi-lurkers of this list largely share this view.
>Hence, in this case the problem is not what here is called *the silent
>complicity*, the problem is the continuing eloquent scramble of those
>listmembers who - due to their social circumstances - can afford the time
>doing so.
>Hinrich Kuhls

With a contemptuous flick of his finger, Hinrich K dismisses the whole
recent discussion about what's really going on in Peru.

The really brilliant bit about his argument is the implication that just
posting at all -- regardless of content -- is spitting in the face of the
working class.

Who the cap fits ...



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