Arguments in favor of a toothless list

Hans Ehrbar ehrbar at
Sun Oct 13 10:02:36 MDT 1996

Robert Malecki has repeatedly asked for administrative measures
against people who in some way mis-behave on the marxism list, and he
also deplores the lack of visible outrage shown on this list about
some of the outrageous things that are going on here.  Since this is
an issue which will also be relevant for marxism-general, I would like
to state my views about this.

It is not the purpose of marxism or marxism-general to dish out
punishment.  Due to its openness, this list is an appropriate forum
for criticism and for the raising of controversial issues.  Since
everybody is free to act as they please, this list is also a platform
on which the list members can show the world who they really are.  The
only punishment this list has to offer is the fact that everything
that goes on here is observedf by over 250 highly committed
subscribers all over the world, and that everything is recorded for
ever in the archives.  You will not be able to escape the relevance of
this accumulated information by badmouthing the list today.

The list also seems very patient and cautious.  Attitudes are changing
excruciatingly slowly.  But they are indeed changing.  The better
arguments are not winning every battle, but to me this list seems to
be a forum in which the better arguments can win out in the long run.

Hans Ehrbar.

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