Detcom mailbombing

Robert Malecki malecki at
Sun Oct 13 07:35:35 MDT 1996

Hugh writes;

>There was almost a megabyte of the stuff. I was sorely tempted to send it
>all bouncing back, but JJ's message restrained me. I'll archive it instead,
>and back any approach made to Jay Miles's net administrator to disconnect
>the account if anything similar happens again.

No, I disagree on using a net administrater against the Stalinists. I
suggest we approach the spoon and Hans who is the official moderater of M1
and get Detcom thrown out of jefferson village unless he immediately
apoligizes and promises to decease with all of his activities whether they
be mailbombing or publishing of pictures. He is certainly welcome to take
part in the discussion and stop acting like a Stalinist goon on the Internet.

Communists do not invite the bougeois state into the activities of the
workers movement. Nor should we use the administators of the bougeois
Internet for solving our problems. But to get this asshole thrown off
Jefferson Village would be principly correct. Unless he promises to cease an
desist with his goon activities.

Bob Malecki

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