The Emirs of Russia and South Africa

Michael Jovic Mike_Jovic at
Sun Oct 13 11:07:14 MDT 1996


Have you noticed how the fortunes of two individuals who were 'responsible'
for instigating 'change' within their  respective socio-economic has diverged
so radically?

Yes, indeed, Comrades, i am talking about Comrade Gorbachev and Non-comrade

De-Klerk remains well known in the 'new' South Africa, and head of an
important political force, whilst Comrade Mikael is largely 'forgotten' in the
'new' Russia, whilst being head of nothing.

Please take note on how capitalism treats it's leaders, as compared to how
actually used to exist socialism treats its!

Hopefully when we finally, eventually, reach global socialism via the works of
the international proletariat and possibly even Bill Gates (please see end
note), we will honour and recognise the contribution made by Mikael and
numerous others.
Michael Jovic
Hertfordshire, England

"Love is a play with short acts
and long intermissions."
     Lara Reisner

End note: for you who are skeptical about Bill's likely achievements towards
building socialism see the British newspaper the Independent on Sunday Colour
Supplement 13.10.96 page 10,  where it is written:
		"All over the world, the state whithered away. The driving force behind the
change was the 		digital revolution. Computers, telephones and the Internet
had converged into what people were 		calling the Cybersphere, where knowledge
flowed like droplets of water in an ocean. He blamed 		it all on Bill Gates,
founder of Microsoft, now revered by digital revolutionaries as a new Karl 		
Marx or George Washington, leading us like sheep into the Corporate

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