NO, Plant, I am interested in a meeting.

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>Adolfo, I suspect you are just trying to waste my time here. But if that is
>the case, then let's try to nail down some arrangements.

I am indeed interested in this meeting.  And would work to make it
successful and productive.

>1. I'll repeat my proposal for the small hall at Conway Hall. I am not
>operating on behalf of any organisation and I don't intend to risk any cash on
>anything larger as I am currently unemployed.

That's is fine.  No need to go over the top.  Lets get at the truth rather
than just mobilise people who are not going to change their minds one way or

In that case, a Hall for 80 people will do.  In fact, there would not be a
need to hire any halls if we can agree a mutually convenient venue which may
be obtained free of charge.  For example Halkevi Hall in North London, or in
Brixton The Old White Horse, or in Hammersmith the Unemployed Workers
Association, etc.  This we can discuss.

>2. We will need to decide the title of the meeting, (I made a proposal about
>'which road to the revolution', you prefered one which focused on murder)
>the announcement and circulate it to the working class and revolutionary

You do not represent "Trotskysm" Mr. Plant, just an individual.  No one can
prevent you for putting accross your ideas for the revolution to go
"forward".  However, the main thrust of your argument is "Shining Path kills
Leftists".  I know of many Trotskyst organisations - for example W World,
and others - who would never subscribe such a view. So the title of
"Trotskysm vs Maoism" is not appropriate, because there is really not such
an alternative in Peru.

However, we can discuss an appropiate title to the talk.

>3. I previously made proposals about the format, speakers etc. Do you
object to
>those or want to make any changes ?

I suggested already that it be mano-a-mano.  But if you want two speakers on
each side, there would not be any problem.

>4. We need a neutral chair who can be respected by speakers and audience
>I have no idea who would be acceptable to somebody from a maoist background,
>maybe you can make some suggestions ?

I have already said that there could be two joint chairs, precisely because
of the diffilcuty of finding truly independent people in this regard.
Unless we appoint a Tory MP who may come along if we ply him with Whisky, I
seriously doubt that we may agree on a neutral person.  In questions of
revolution, people normally are either for or against and feelings mostly
ran high.

>5. If any of the above cannot be resolved through email then we will have to
>tolerate an organisational meeting face to face on some neutral ground. I
>suggest a pub somewhere in Central London. Let me know if you think it is

I think it would indeed be better to talk the organisational questions in
person, since a meeting of the sort you propose should serve the people, and
that can only occur if it is succesful.  That requires preparation and
agreement by both sides.  I will mail you privately a telephone number and
we can discuss meeting to agree the practical issues.

When we have things worked out, we can publish a joint communique to this list.

>6. I repeat Hugh's point, I will need a little time to prepare my materials
>such a debate, but I will certainly do it if I think you are being serious. As
>you, and the list, well know, my contribution to the discussion was limited to
>the Chiara murder and seeking to get some clear answer from you about it.
>However, I will be able to marshall facts from Poder Obrero and the
>Spartacists, and other sources in a little time. If we can quickly agree on
>organisational aspects I see no problem with a debate during November.
>jplant at

Take your time.  We do not need to rush things, but a reasonable period both
to prepare your intervention (and mine, of course) plus the necessary couple
of weeks for advertising a meeting in advance, does indeed take us into

I am sure we can settle this too in a mutually convenient way.

Sincerely yours

Adolfo Olaechea

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