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Robert Malecki malecki at
Sun Oct 13 08:28:18 MDT 1996

Richard Bos writes;
>I do not approve of mailbombing in any shape or form.=20
>You are trying to take a moral high ground on this Robert, but are you
>really justified in that?

Yes I am!
>Only recently you mailbombed this list with your book. You have been
>doing the same for weeks in your dispute this the left-unity list. The
>subsribers to this list could have looked at your site if they wanted to
>see your book, but you did not give them the choice. The overwhelming
>majority of this list have not joined the left-unity list. If they were
>interested in the "Transitional Programme", they would discuss it on
>this list, but no-one has.

There is a big difference in posting my book which Proyect was using to=20
slander and accuse me of being a agent of imperialism and those who=20
repeatedly use slander and cop and fascist accusations against political=20
opponents on the left. And i do not consider my views on the TP or answers=
to Plant which are part of a serious political discussion related to=20
bureaucratic purges and liquidation of Trotskyism mailbombing. in fact this=
is and open list. In fact these discussions will be decisive in the=20
International regroupment of forces in forging a new revolutionary=20
International in the wake of the total destruction of Stalinism as a=20
political force!

Detcom on the other hand has numerous times threatened to publish pictures=
of militants  to the list and the Net. They allso were involved in a=20
despicable incident involving a Peruvian awaiting exile in the states.=20
Futhermore Aldolfo has a history of calling everybody a fascist and agent of=
Fujimora connected to threats of physical violence against other leftists.=
Including both Malecki, Hugh, Hans and now Plant!

>However badly others misbehave, it cannot be used to justify your own

Your own record if i remember correctly was doing a flim flam on the issue=
of workers democracy around the "Unity" list. At the time Trotskyists were=
defending the right of an open discussion vs political bans and exclusions=
you wavered back and forth.

Richard, you are in motion. Unfortunately you have not decided if you want=
to get of that old Stalinist horse or not. Hopefully by taking part in these=
discussions people like yourself and others on this list will take some more=

You are trying to be nice although deep down in your heart you are going to=
have to make a choice Richard. Either break with Stalinism or support it. So=
far you ap=E5pear to have a slick way of balancing on the stick in most=20
political issues.=20

This is either your lack of knowing what is going on Internationally, or=20
being to long in the British empire and seeing it as the center of the=20
world. Although you do have some experience on British and Northern Ireland=
politics, you appear to be very careful in not stating your position=

Hopefully, you will either hop of the stick you are presently balancing on=
or fall off! If not we are going to have to throw you off. Because the worst=
thing this list needs is political flim flam artists who are afraid to take=
a political position.
>Robert Malecki wrote:
>> It is not once or twice but a general practice set into effect here by
>> Detcom and i have no doubt what so ever that the orders come from=
>As you are in no doubt; you must have some evidence. So name some names.

Yes, I have names. Quispe and Gina from the red Flag. Malecki and now Plant=
who Detcom is using unprincipled methods not belonging in the workers=20
movement. Then there is the case of the Peruvian exile in the states. That=
stuff is in the archives for all to see.=20
>Robert Malecki wrote:
>> I suggest that everone on the list make a declaration that such acts by
>> Detcom will not be tolerated and that if they continue they and the=20
>people responsible will go off the lists.
>I'll make that declaration, but I think that it is going too far to make
>everyone do it. Does this mean that you are a reformed character, or do
>you think that this rule should not apply to you?

I do not have to make any confessions, nor reform myself. It is not i who=20
threatens to publish pictures of militants from Peru or in exile on the net.=
It is not i who threatens leftists with physical violence other then one=20
time when Proyect insulted my family where i said i would kick his ass if i=
could get my hands on him. Nor do i threaten people with ice picks and=20
jackboots! Nor do i use unproved yellow journalism or slander against=20
political opponents! But the Stalinists have a record both here on M1 and in=
Peru of doing just this kind of stuff.

So i'm afraid Richard that it is you that has to choose sides! Detcom,=20
Aldolfo and Proyect the Stalinists and neo Stalinists of the list or in this=
casae the "Trotskyists"
Malecki,Hugh, PO, Plant and others like Stuart and Dave and more and more=20
people who everyday are reralizing that the Stalinists kinds of antics in=20
the workers movement practiced by these people can and should not be=

Bob Malecki

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