Adolfo copping out of the Peru debate

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Sun Oct 13 10:08:06 MDT 1996

>On principle I do not communicate with any person who nowadays calls a
>single person or whole parts of socialist or democratic parties/movements
>I assume that lurkers and semi-lurkers of this list largely share this view.
>Hence, in this case the problem is not what here is called *the silent
>complicity*, the problem is the continuing eloquent scramble of those
>listmembers who - due to their social circumstances - can afford the time
>doing so.
>Hinrich Kuhls

Tony Blair is part of a democratic socialist movement? Mr. Hienrich?  For
me, he is nothing but an imperialist chieftain!  Imperialist chieftain are
"fascist" of one sort or another, since the essence of fascism is
imperialist reaction, period (now a days) of intensified imperialist
reaction in which we are all living, if you have not noticed.

So which side of that argument are you on? On the side of imperialism and
its "self-proclaimed socialists" - forgetting that the name of the NAZI
Party ALSO carried that label too!

Those who forget the lessons of history are condemned to repeat them!

Adolfo Olaechea

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