What is Poder Obrero ?

Doug Henwood dhenwood at panix.com
Sun Oct 13 12:13:45 MDT 1996

At 7:44 AM 10/13/96, Robert Malecki wrote:

>Mr. Plant is looking for advice from the liberal who licks the boots of the
>yellow journalist Proyect. Unprincipled blocks with the likes of Proyect and
>Doug by Plant the liqiudater are dispicable and should be condemeed by any
>thinking communist.

What would you know about thinking, Malecki?

Four lines, how many epithets and cliches? "Liberal," "licks the boots,"
"yellow journalist," "unprincipled blocks [sic]," "the liquidater [sic]."
I'll be generous and leave "thinking communist" off the list, since it does
contain the hint of an interesting oxymoron, considering the source. Five
in four lines. Not bad - 1.25/line.



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