Condemn the vile Ponce-Rodwell campaign against the PCP!

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Sun Oct 13 10:40:59 MDT 1996

Condemn the vile Ponce-Rodwell campaign against the PCP!
[Posted: 13.10.96]

During the latest week or more, serious allegations have been
put forward on this Marxism list against the PCP, against its
captured leader comrade Gonzalo and also against many of
those who on the international level support the people's war
led by that party in Peru, on the part of one writer, J. Ponce who,
it has been said, is writing from Peru itself and another, Hugh
Rodwell, who lives here in Sweden and has stated he's
forwarding Ponce's statements.

I'd like once more to make some brief comments on these
allegiations, or to be more exact, on the question of the
credibility of those persons who're advancing them and on the
nature of this whole present campaign.

I don't have sufficient information on events in Peru to be able
to make a direct judgement on the truth or falsehood of the
allegiations in question. However, it's quite clear that the
political line and the methods of those persons who're advancing
them are so utterly reactionary that it's clear that they are not
credible at all. Their present campaign, supported also by some
other people, has the character of a smear campaign in the
interests of the arch-reactionaries in the world and must
absolutely be condemned.

I on my part have been criticizing, since mid-September, some
of those comrades who're supporting the PCP, namely those who
initiated the call for the WMC, which received the endorsement
of a number of organizations and also some individuals including
myself, but then went ahead and constituted such a "WMC"
practically all by themselves without consulting all those other
endorsers, and who also undertook some actions in the direction
of deceiving the masses on how this "WMC" had been constituted.
These were actions in flagrant disregard of international
proletarian democracy. I'll return to that matter.

Quite another thing is the reactionary Ponce-Rodwell campaign.
That campaign is a "criticism" from another direction altogether,
a "criticism" from the standpoint of ultra-reaction.

Is it true, as Ponce-Rodwell allege, that the PCP is making
serious errors in its struggle in Peru? I on my part cannot make
any direct judgement on the truth or falsehood of what they're
saying here. But some statements of theirs go to show that
they politically represent reaction in the world and thus should
absolutely be distrusted.

Is it true, as Ponce-Rodwell allege, that comrade Gonzalo has
capitulated in prison, of his own free will or under the pressure
of those conditions under which he has been held captured,
the barbarous character of which are known to all? I on my
part cannot know for certain whether this is true or not. However,
these allegiations are not based on anything but *rumours*
and must be repudiated as such. Those people who're
advancing them by no means are to be trusted.

What I on my part *can* ascertain and make a judgement on,
concerning what Ponce-Rodwell are saying, is the following:

First of all, in his writings, forwarded and supported by Rodwell,
Ponce repeatedly and openly has attacked the correct
condemnation by the PCP of Soviet social-imperialism and
Deng Xiaoping Chinese revisionism. So these people, among
other things, are supporters of revisionism and of (today already
in part defeated) social-imperialism. They are NAJIBULLSHIT,
people of a kind rightly hated and despised by the masses.

Secondly, Ponce wrote, forwarded by Rodwell, i.a.:

>The Revolutionary Internationalist Movement (RIM), a Maoist
>international created around Aavakian's RCP (USA) which was
>the main international supporter of the PCP-SL, adopted a
>contemplative position. For the RIM there was a battle of two
>lines. At the end the RIM decided to side with the faction which
>was continuing the war.

Apart from the fact that the "RIM" was *never* "Maoist" but was
a fraud from its very beginning - a fact which some comrades,
too, today still fail to see - the statement quoted here completely
negates the obvious fact that the "RIM" since several years back
has been *stabbing the PCP in the back* and by no means
genuinely "has sided with" the people's war but, since March
1995, has only been forced to *pretend* it's doing so.

Ponce-Rodwell here are trying to whitewash the reactionary
"leaders" of the "RIM", who in reality, as all today can see
who have in any way been following these matters, are *helping
US imperialism* against the PCP.

Ponce-Rodwell further wrote:

>The MIM and El Diario Internacional are denouncing the
>"Red Flag" as a CIA plot like they denounce the rest of the left.

"Quispe" and "The New Flag" (these people even pretend not to
know its name and are calling it the "*Red* Flag") quite clearly
*are* part of a US imperialist plot. This was proven without a
shadow of a doubt in the struggle precisely on this list last April-
June. They by no means are "genuinely Left". Ponce-Rodwell
here are supporting this plot too.

They further write:

>Olaechea and Arce Borja are trying to be the only authority
>outside Peru in supporting the "people's war". They are trying to
>build a World Mobilisation Committee, which is in fact an
>attempt to create a new Maoist international around the MIM
>and some pro-Feliciano committees.

My criticism of the impermissible way in which a "WMC" was
actually formed notwithstanding, it's really ridiculous to maintain,
as is being done here, that the "MIM" was ever an important
part of the efforts to create a WMC. It did endorse the call for
it, but the suggestion that there was "an attempt to create"
an International "around the MIM and some committees"
(also slanderously called "pro-Feliciano" ones, as if they had
"accepted" the rumours disseminated by Ponce-Rodwell and
others) obviously has nothing to do with reality and is just
another attempt to "fish in troubled waters."

What do these writings of Ponce-Rodwell in fact most of all

I hold that all fair-minded persons must agree: These writings
very much look like something manipulated by the CIA or a
similar intelligence organ of the US imperialists, a
CONTINUATION, in fact, of their old AVAKIAN-"QUISPE"
SUBVERSION MANOUEVRE. That's their real political
content and role.

Rolf M.

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