What is Poder Obrero ?

Doug Henwood dhenwood at panix.com
Sun Oct 13 12:06:29 MDT 1996

At 7:53 PM 10/12/96, Jj Plant wrote:

>And your conclusion Doug ? Your formula, with miracle wonder ingredient, for
>dealing with disagreements that put you in harsh dispute with former or
>potential allies ?

I don't know how to solve this problem - the problem of endless fission -
but the first step is recognizing it as a problem, rather than a sign of
principled strength. I've quoted this remark of the generally icky Michael
Kinsley several times, but I think it's worth long study: people on the
left are always looking for heretics, people on the right, for converts.

>And please show by example how you apply it in the Malecki
>instance ?

Simple. Malecki is a cretin, and a fellow who's had a strange, shall we
say, relationship to the authorities over the last 30 years. Thank god
there aren't many like him.



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