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Sun Oct 13 11:42:50 MDT 1996


You say that you are justified in taking the moral high ground, and that
your mailbombing is OK because you want to prove yourself to Louis P..
The TP mailings are part of a serious debate you say. You must have a
cute smile is all I can say!

Robert wrote:
>Your own record if i remember correctly was doing a flim flam on the >issue
>of workers democracy around the "Unity" list. At the time Trotskyists >were
>defending the right of an open discussion vs political bans and >exclusions
>you wavered back and forth.

I am not sure what you mean by that. I joined the Left-Unity list out of
curiosity, and left after less than 24hrs because they were mostly
arguing about you! Where does the workers democracy come in? It is their
list, and they can do what they like with it.

Robert wrote:
>Richard, you are in motion. Unfortunately you have not decided if you >want
>to get of that old Stalinist horse or not. Hopefully by taking part in >these
>discussions people like yourself and others on this list will take some >more steps.

>You are trying to be nice although deep down in your heart you are going >to
have to make a choice Richard. Either break with Stalinism or support
it. >So
>far you apåpear to have a slick way of balancing on the stick in most
>political issues.

I made my choices ages ago. I decided that the choices that you are
offering (between "Stalinism" and Trotskyism) are not relevent. I am a
Marxist-Leninist Communist. All the language that gets used on this list
might as well be Chinese as far as most working class people, who are
not Chinese are concerned. I want to spread revolutionary ideas in a
ways that relate to the lives of normal people.

Robert wrote:
>This is either your lack of knowing what is going on Internationally, or
>being to long in the British empire and seeing it as the center of the
>world. Although you do have some experience on British and Northern >Ireland
>politics, you appear to be very careful in not stating your position >clearly.

>Hopefully, you will either hop of the stick you are presently balancing >on
>or fall off! If not we are going to have to throw you off. Because the >worst
>thing this list needs is political flim flam artists who are afraid to >take
>a political position.

Of course my strength is British politics, because that is where I live!
I am not ignorant about the rest of the world, but I am not so arrogant
as some on this list. I want to learn something. Which may be a hard
concept for those who think that they know it all. I do not see my role
on this list as being about taking "positions" on every issue. I want to
share my knowledge with Comrades, and learn something from them. The
place where I fight my battles is in the real space, not cyberspace.

I prefer to look at things in a non-traditional way. I think that most
people on the list understand that. Sorry to make life complicated by
not fitting into the mould.


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