Who cares what Louis P will not tolerate any longer?

Hugh Rodwell m-14970 at mailbox.swipnet.se
Sun Oct 13 16:27:07 MDT 1996

Louis P assured us he was human and then wrote:

>This morning I returned to find what seemed like a billion posts from
>Sheilds, Malecki and Rodwell. I suppose in the dying throes of M1, this is
>what to expect: vultures feeding off a carcass.

Takes one to know one. Anyhow, the carcass is what's left of Stalinist
ideology, and it's unfit for human consumption. So what we're doing is
tying it down and driving a stake through its heart. Louis's just peeved
cos he's about to crack into a thousand pieces with it.

>What I can say, however, is that I refuse to see a Marxism-International
>list that is nothing but M1 divided by 3. I will give this new list a
>chance but I guarantee you that M-I will die for the same reasons as M1 if
>we can not extirpate the cancer once and for all.

Piggy-in-the-middle playing Judgement Day with himself as God.

I'm sure that neither list gives a damn if Louis gives them a chance or
not. That's not what they're for.

There's no cancer here, only the forceful clash of diametrically opposed
traditions of socialist thought and action.

M1 is only dead in Louis's mind. In reality it's alive and kicking and
doing a better job than might be expected.

And with a bit more political relevance and a lot fewer putdowns from the
likes of Louis P, even more people would venture to make contributions and
stir the pot.



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