Who cares what Louis P will not tolerate any longer?

Louis N Proyect lnp3 at columbia.edu
Sun Oct 13 17:05:40 MDT 1996

On Sun, 13 Oct 1996, Hugh Rodwell wrote:

> M1 is only dead in Louis's mind. In reality it's alive and kicking and
> doing a better job than might be expected.

Louis: Hugh, I think you have definitely won all of the polemical battles
with me. I surrender. OUCH, OOH, DON'T HIT ME NO MORE. Now I plan to
retire to the rather boring and humdrum M-I where I can nurse my wounds. I
wish you a glorious reign over the new unmoderated list and urge everybody
who has been impressed with Hugh's mastery of history and politics to
join his organization and help build his Fourth International. I think
that the new unmoderated list should be known informally as the "Rodwell"
list since you have done so much--more than anybody except Malecki--to
turn M1 into what it has become. Good luck to you and may you prosper.

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