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Marxism International - Statement of Purpose

It is often claimed that in the last decade, national boundaries have
lost their importance. For Capital, globalism is a reality. Globalism,
in essence, has come to simply mean letting Capital move freely to
wherever there are more profits to be made by employing "cheaper and
cheaper" workers, by disregarding all standards of human dignity and by
polluting the earth without a thought for future generations.

Globalism on the other hand, had the opposite effect on the working
class. For the working people of the world, globalism has meant more
segregation and division, not less. In order for Capital's global
frenetic search for ever cheaper, ever less organised workers to succeed,
it is imperative for workers in each country to be separated from their
class-comrades in other countries.

Capital is at once uniting and dividing the workers of the world. The
railroad workers in France marching in Paris are united with the
indigenous peasants in the mountains of Chiapas. The Aborigines storming
the parliament in Australia are united with the Liverpool Dockers on

As the working class of the world, we are fighting against the same
enemy, yet each of us are in a different corner. It is in capitalism's
interest to keep us separate, divided and cornered, hence conquered. The
only way to fight back is by uniting around the one and the same
struggle. The struggle for a world of peace, justice, equality and
freedom. For everyone, everywhere.

Proletarian Internationalism is the only hope humanity has against the
destructive exploitation of Capitalist Globalisation. We believe that
every possible forum should be used to faciliate interaction, debate,
solidarity and coordination among working class and progressive forces
around the world.

It is in this spirit that we inaugurate Marxism-International as a
moderated list from Spoons Collective.

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Marxism-International is a moderated list intended to facilitate general
discussion of Marxism, with an eye toward enabling the participation of
people from all around the world, and toward fostering and developing
activism. It is an open, nonsectarian list, inviting participation from
every kind of Marxist and revolutionary thought.

M-I is a list for serious discussion, not the trivial name-calling and
ego-waving so commonly seen on the Internet. It is, in fact, an attempt
to see if the Internet can be a useful tool for the left, beyond the
mere dissemination of information. People with real political problems
to address are welcome -- those who sit in front of a computer because
no one in real life will listen to them may as well stay away.

The moderators are committed to political freedom, and no attempt at
censorship based on opinions or intellectual content will be made.
However, a complete lack of regulation leads to effective lack of
freedom, as nonsense proliferates and people with work to do become less
and less willing to sift through all the chaff for the occasional kernel
of wheat. This is especially true for people in "third world" countries,
where links are slow and time spent downloading is expensive. Since this
is the case, the list will adhere to the following set of rules:

1.  No more than three posts a day.  A single post may be in response to
more than one thread, within reason; however, this should not be done
merely to circumvent the "three post a day" rule.  Flexibility will be
shown when someone has only a question, asking for clarification.

2. Active effort to keep repetititions to a minimum. The archives of the
list will be publicly available. All participants are expected to put
forth serious effort to contribute to and encourage relevant discussion.

3. No sexist/racist/etc. remarks.

4. No accusations of the type that a list member is a cop. Anyone who
thinks s/he has a case, should privately mail the moderators producing
the evidence.

Rule enforcement:
Anyone deemed to be breaching the rules (according to the majority of
the moderators) will be warned twice privately. The third time, the
first two warnings will be made public along with the the third warning.
Fourth time - suspension from the list until the suspended person agrees
to adhere to the rules, in any case at least two weeks. Two suspensions,
and the expulsion is permanent.

These rules are strictly provisional, and will be changed as necessary.
The idea is to develop a political culture and consciousness on the list
that enables and actually encourages productive work; once such a
culture is developed, the rules may well be relaxed. Be warned: no
attempts to be disruptive in a "legitimate" way by finessing the rules
will be tolerated -- the decision of the moderators is final.

We understand that some participants are partisans of particular
interpretations of marxism. Intelligent defense of these interpretations
are welcome. Excessive recitations of sectarian dogma will be

The archives of this list are available via:

The moderators of this list are:

Zeynep Tufekcioglu <zeynept at>
Jon Flanders <72763.2240 at CompuServe.COM> and
Louis R Godena <louisgodena at>,

Please address any questions to them.


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