Capitalist exploitation *is* robbery

Hugh Rodwell m-14970 at
Sun Oct 13 17:14:11 MDT 1996

Chris B writes:

>(but NB NB NB capitalist exploitation is not robbery.
>It is a human relationship which appears fair, but
>redistributes value in the hands of the owners of capital)

This is the old chestnut about robbing people with a fountain pen not being
robbery. Of course it's robbery. Taking something of value from someone
else with no return, and forbidding any discussion of the rights and wrongs
of it.

Accept exploitation or starve. Accept exploitation or get beaten round the
head by a cop. Accept exploitation or get shot by armed blacklegs. Accept
exploitation or have your family broken up.

Always there's force as the last resort to keep people chained to their
exploitation. Adam and I may have disagreed about the degree of actual
presence of the force, and especially about the contradictory character of
the bourgeois state (this was over on m2), but we were in complete
agreement about the fact that the bourgeois state needs force to maintain
its grip.

So NB NB NB capitalist exploitation *is* robbery.



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